8 Classic Louis Vuitton Bags and Their Prices ...


Classic Louis Vuitton bags can be perfect investment pieces if you’re looking to buy a designer handbag.

A classic Louis Vuitton bag, like the Speedy is iconic and timeless.

Whether you prefer the signature Louis Vuitton monogram patterns or a plain leather finish is completely up to you, with many of the classic Louis Vuitton bags available in a range of finishes.

Check out a few classic Louis Vuitton bags below.

1. Speedy


As far as classic Louis Vuitton bags go the Speedy is easily the most recognizable.

It has a rectangular shape with two small top handles and according to the Louis Vuitton website, can cost anywhere between $765 and $2890 depending on size and style.

Notoriously popular in the LV monogram or checkerboard pattern, this bag is also available in plain finishes if you prefer something a little more discreet.2

2. Alma


The Alma is another classic style of Louis Vuitton bag.

It has a rectangular base with a curved top that tapers in.

This bag is available in a range of sizes and usually costs anywhere between $1250 and $2730.

It looks especially chic in a modern patent leather finish.

3. Neverfull


The Neverfull is a simple and understated tote style bag.

It’s a versatile bag that can be folded in at the sides to create a different shape and is also completely reversible!

According to the brand’s website, these classic Louis Vuitton bags can cost upwards of $800.

4. Keepall


The Louis Vuitton brand originally started out in luggage and the Keepall is a classic example.

It has a large, duffel design so you can ‘keep all’ your things in it (get it?).

It’s a popular choice with the rich and famous and can cost between $1600 and $1990 depending on the size.

5. Noé


The Noé is one of the long-standing classic Louis Vuitton bags.2

It was first released in the 1930s and has a tall rectangular shape with a drawstring top.

Initially designed for transporting champagne (oh, the luxury of it all!) it now makes one hell of a stylish handbag.

These days one of these bags will typically set you back anywhere between $980 and $2300.

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