7 Tips for Choosing the Best Purse ...


I am such a handbag fanatic.

I have far more than I'll ever use, and I know I don't need even a fraction of them, but I really can't help it.

I will admit it, however, that many of the purses I have are just there because they're pretty.

They're not at all practical, and really couldn't be of use for very much anyway.2

Every time I look at them, I realize how important it is to choose a handbag that's both fashionable and functional, so that it's more than just an accessory.

Check out the following tips for choosing the best purse, so you can get the best of both worlds.

1. Your Bag Vs. Your Body

One tip for choosing the best purse is to pay attention to the shape of your own body.

There are varying pieces of advice here, with some experts saying your purse should mimic the shape of your body, and others saying you should avoid that.

The best way to go, I think, is to simply be aware of the way your bag complements your body.

If you think it looks good, then go for it.2

2. The Right Size

Size is always an important factor.

If you carry a lot of things in your bag, then naturally it needs to be larger – but avoid carrying something too large, because then it will look like you're walking around with a beach bag.

On the other side of the equation, choosing something too small will make it difficult to carry around all of your essentials.

3. Color Coordination

Another important tip for choosing the best purse is to be careful in picking a color.

You may choose to make your bag coordinate with your wardrobe, i.e., you will make sure it matches the color you most often wear.

For most women, that will be black, brown, or navy blue.

However, it's also completely acceptable to choose a purse that simply complements your clothing and/or the highlight color you wear most often.

For example, I wear a lot of black but carry a hot pink purse, since that's my most common accent color.

The Question of Texture
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