7 Beautiful Kiss-Lock Bags and Wallets ...

There are so many thing I love about vintage handbags — the styling, the quality, the little details. It seems that most new bags just don’t have the same charming details as vintage bags, but lately I’ve been seeing some that do have my favorite detail, the kiss-lock close. Aren’t those cute? I sure think so, so I’ve been delighted to see so many of them at one of my favorite fashion sites, ModCloth. Here are 7 kiss-lock bags and wallets.

1. A Hug and a Kisslock Bag

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Price: $29.99 at modcloth.com
This little bag is all details, from its rich plum hue to its sweet kiss-lock closure and other hardware in silver-tone metal. There’s a handle at the top, or a detachable shoulder strap, for versatility. I’d wear this with an LBD and an armload of silver bangles.

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