7 Handy Totes ...

Paper or plastic? How about neither…? Using a tote bag instead of a paper or plastic bag is a much more eco-friendly choice — and a much more stylish one! There are a range of pretty, cute, and downright chic tote bags available right now, making the environmentally-conscious choice easier than ever. Still feeling skeptical? Keep reading! Here are 7 handy totes.

1. Grovestand on the Go Tote

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Price: $6.99 at modcloth.com
You’ll never misplace this clever little tote, for two very good reasons. First, it’s a brilliant sunshine yellow, so it’s incredibly eye-catching. Second, the entire bag fits into the tiny lemon-slice shaped pouch with a clip, so you can attach it to your handbag and have it ready to use at any time! The tote is handy and roomy, replacing two or three plastic bags. There’s also a little strawberry version of this tote, too, if you prefer a little sweet over sour.

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