7 Smashing Satchels ...

I love handbags of all kinds, but lately I’ve been especially fond of versatile satchels. Depending on what you wear them with, they can be dressy or casual, and when they’re made right, they can be stylish, chic, and dare I say it, can make or break an entire outfit! There are some gorgeous new ones at one of my favorite fashion shops, and I can’t decide which I like best… here are 7 smashing satchels!

1. Work Week Satchel

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Price: $168.00 at anthropologie.com
Even the dullest of work weeks will be brighter with this handy satchel, available in inky black or soft taupe leather. Tie around one handle is a fluttery silk scarf, and inside is a soft cotton lining and one pocket. It’s roomy enough for all of your weekday essentials, from your day planner to your cell phone, lipstick to checkbook.

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