8 Brand Name Bags on Sale Now ...

Fabulous winter sales are almost over but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself a brand new bag to wear in this brand new year. Consider it a late Valentine’s gift or give yourself something for the upcoming Woman’s Day, for a change. Luckily, at Asos, sales last all year round! So, these are the models I’m totally into these days:

1. French Connection over Body Bag

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Price: $35.86 at asos.com
Call me fashion sense deprived, slow or whatever you want but I’ve discovered the wonders of this particular shade of blue quite recently. And I’m loving it, so excuse me for not wanting to declare it passé! This bag totally deserves the first place because of its cute vintage style so, in case blue isn’t your favorite color you can get it in green or black too. I’m sticking with the blue one and I have the perfect shoes to match!

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