8 Cute Crossbody Bags ...

Big bags will always be my favorite but I have to admit, cute crossbody bags are right behind them. They are small, practical, often bigger than most clutches and they don’t need to be cradled inside our arms at all times. Now, this last one is a definite plus, if you ask me, so take a look at these 8 cute crossbody bags I have my eyes on these days:

1. French Connection Cross Body Bag

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Price: $71.72 at asos.com
Practical, semi sporty and even washable, this is one of those cute crossbody bags you wouldn’t want to let go of all summer long. Not extra large and not too tiny, just perfect to hold all your precious personal items and maybe even an extra thing or two. Okay… probably more than just a thing or two! Plus, you have a choice between two great colors, one of them being orange, the most popular color for the season.

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