8 Pretty Weekenders ...

I love big carry-all bags, roomy enough to stash everything I might need for a quick weekend getaway. Until recently, I just called them “big carry-all bags,” but then I discovered they’re called “weekenders,” which of course makes total sense. I’ve been looking for a new one, since the one I’ve been using since 1995 finally fell apart. There are some gorgeous weekenders in the new line-up from one of my favorite brands, Free People… now I just have to choose which one I like best! Here are 8 pretty weekenders.

1. Bear Creek Weekender

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Price: $498.00 at freepeople.com
A simple, weathered bag, casual and timeless. This bag is made of soft, durable oiled leather with antique brass grommets for “feet” and a detachable shoulder strap “belt.” It zips close at the top for security, and has plenty of room for everything you need for two overnights on the train to Istanbul. Or Toronto. Or London.

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