11 Best Black Satchel Bags ...

When it comes to finding the best satchel bags or any handbag for that matter, we are are willing to spend a fortune just to find the perfect one. After all, it has to be a fashion accessory, personal statement and a functional bag, all at the same time. It is hard to find one that fits your needs and your personal taste, therefore our hunt for the perfect bag is never taken lightly. So if you are still struggling to find one of bags of your dreams, this list of the best satchel bags may help you to find the bag of your dreams!

1. Kate Spade’s 2 Park Avenue-Beau

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Want one of the best satchel bags that has it all? Well, look no further because this roomy leather bag is the answer to your prayers. It has a sleek and utilitarian shape topped off with an exquisite bow that ties up the whole appearance of the bag. However don’t let the appearance fool you because this bag can fit more than appears to the eye. It actually has several compartments that will help you keep your bag tidy and organized!

Price: $498 at katespade.com

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