7 Best Makeup Bags That'll Fit Right in Your Pocketbook ...

You don't want your lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara rolling around at the bottom of your fancy pocketbook. The products could end up opening and staining the inside of it. That's why you need to buy a separate bag meant for holding your makeup. That way, you won't ruin a designer purse. If you don't own a makeup bag yet, here are a few of the best ones that you can slip right into your pocketbook:

1. Leapord Cosmetic Bag

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$20 on victoriassecret.com

Victoria's Secret has all of the best items. If you're buying new underwear or leggings, you might as well pick up this cosmetic bag as well. After all, they usually give you good deals when you buy in bulk. That means you could end up saving money by buying more.

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