10 Best 🙌🏼 Travel Makeup 💄 Bags 👝 for All 💯 Your Exursions 🗺 ...

Looking for the best travel makeup bags for your next getaway? You don't have to be a beauty junkie to be concerned about your makeup, because let's face it--the last thing you want is having your sunscreen or foundation explode all over your clothes! According to InStyle, you'll want to carry these bags everywhere you go--these options match any look or color preference. From small travel pouches for a weekend trip, to larger bags for a lengthier trip, we've got you covered.

Store your makeup essentials in style while on the road or plane safely with these perfect makeup bags for any trip:

1. Weekend: SEPHORA COLLECTION Sweet Perspective Weekender Case

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This fun canvas bag contains several compartments plus a divider wall for your makeup brushes and is sure to fit all of your travel-sized toiletries.

To buy: sephora.com, $38

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