7 Black Bags That Are so Versatile You Can Take Them Anywhere ...

There are many reasons beating great black bags is difficult. For one, they are usually so versatile you can wear them with almost anything. In addition, not only are they workplace-appropriate, you can use them in the evening and nobody will bat an eyelid over your sensible approach. Saying that, finding great black bags is sort of challenging. Just how do you source those that are versatile? Fortunately, there are seven out there I think will do the trick.

1. Ralph Lauren Pickford Crossbody

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Ralph Lauren always hits the spot when it comes to black bags. I love this Pickford Crossbody, because when you look closely you can see a little nautical theme going on. Usually, I am not a huge fan of gold chains. However, I reckon the ones featured on this bag give a Pretty Woman sort of vibe, so Iā€™m willing to overlook them. In fact, I would even embrace them.

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