7 Classic Styles of Bags Every Fashionista Should Own ...

Trends come and go but there are always classic bags to own and wear that stand the test of time. Purses aren’t just for toting around your must-haves, classic handbags also add a lot of character to your everyday look! Whether you’re a fashionista in the making or you’re a veteran bag lady, check out these 7 classic bags that every lady should own and see how your collection stacks up!

1. Your Everyday

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You’re probably going to have quite a few of these classic bags to own since they get used so often. Your everyday bag should be something in a classic shape, structured and in a neutral color. Look for bags that can take you from day to night and carry all your necessities. While you want a bag that’s roomy, avoid one that’s too big or I guarantee you’ll start packing away things you don’t even need just because it fits!

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