9 Cute and Quirky Handbags to Add to Your Collection ...

When it comes to making a fashion statement with your accessories, quirky handbags are a must-have. Simple satchels or boring old briefcases may be fine for your 9-5, but after the workday is done, bust out a funky and fashionable handbag for a look what will definitely turn some heads. No matter how you define your personal style, there’s one thing for certain. No one will mistake you for a wallflower when you’re sporting one of these cute and quirky handbags with your ensemble.

1. Betsey Johnson Boxing Glove Wristlet

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Betsey Johnson is the designer queen of quirky handbags. And this Boxing Glove Wristlet is one accessory that packs a lot of punch. Available in the both red and black, this stud-accented wristlet is for a a take-charge girl who still needs room for her essentials. A detachable chain link strap makes this an easy to carry accessory. Pair it with a sexy pair of pumps, dark wash skinny jeans and a flirty top for a knockout look. Swing on over to BetseyJohnson.com for this bag and more fabulous designs.

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