9 Cute Wallets to Change Your Old One with ...

Cute Wallets may not seem like such a big deal, since they're hidden in your purse, but honestly, having a pretty wallet can really bring your look together. Who wants to be pulling out some cash or a credit card, and reveal that they have some grotty wallet falling apart at the seams? True, in order to be functional, your wallet simply needs to be able to hold your essential items, but cute wallets mix function with fashion. There's nothing wrong with shopping around for cute wallets to change your old one with, and I've found some gorgeous possibilities!

1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Wanderlust Wallet

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Price: $62.00 at shop.nordstrom.com
I love this cute wallet for its color scheme, which is called “Passage to Persia.” I also confess that “Petunia Pickle Bottom” unfailingly reminds me of a character you might run across at Hogwarts or something. As for the wallet itself, it's incredibly chic, with a zipper pocket for your change, an ID window, plenty of card slots, and a pocket for all your cash.

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