2. Louis Vuitton Speedy

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Epi Speedy is indeed a sight for the sore eyes and a bag any girl could work with pretty much every single thing she has in her closet so, before you Vuitton fans start screaming “Off with her head”, let me just point out that I don’t hate Speedy per se, but the materials and colors most of them are available in. First of all, I absolutely detest the flashy monogram, think the other tapestry-like print is even worst and find the “does not hold its shape” remark quite disturbing. I saw it almost empty and squished under one girl’s arm – not a pretty sight. I saw it over-stuffed and noticed the bottom is sagging a bit – that didn’t impress me either. Then I asked the third girl (which also happened to be the only one of those three that I personally know) how does she keep her canvas Speedy looking so neat and perfect and she told me that she places a notebook or a planner on the bottom to make sure the weight is distributed evenly! Nice trick indeed – but what if I don’t want to carry any extra weight to compensate for something that, in my humble opinion, is a design error?

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