7 Embellished Clutches to Add Glamour to Any Outfit ...

An outrageous, stylish embellished clutch adds all the necessary glam and edge to any kind of ensemble. If you're putting together a sexy date night look, a fun club outfit, or a cool but casual fashion mix, then a statement clutch bag is all you need. There are all kinds of shapes, styles, and colors, fantastic designer pieces, and fabulous inspirations, just in case you want name brand style at a more affordable price. If you're looking for a funky, fantastic evening bag, all you have to do is take a look at these glittering, glitzy, glamorous clutches!

1. Embroidered Clutch Bags

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One look at this embellished clutch bag lets you know it comes from Alexander McQueen. I don't even know where to start, but I think the knuckle-duster, which features fabulous unicorns, is the best thing about this clutch. The embroidery is really stunning, and the best part is that lots of other designers and brands have taken inspiration from this signature look. Embroidery allows for lots of colors and bright designs, and the boxy shape is always a winner. Both details make something like this versatile, so it looks great with club gear, cocktail dresses, or long, sweeping formal frocks.

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