7 Fall Essentials You Must Have in Your Purse ...


Do you have all the fall essentials that you need in your purse? If you don’t, make sure that you add them, quick! These are some fall essentials that will definitely come in handy throughout the season. You will not remember how you made it without them.

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Hand Lotion

With the turn of the leaves comes cooler weather. This can wreak havoc on your hands. Keep a tube of your favorite hand lotion in your purse to keep your hands soft and smooth. A new favorite of mine is the hand lotion by EOS. Hand lotion is one of the fall essentials you need to have in your handbag.


Lip Balm, Lip Gloss or Both

Hands aren’t the only thing that gets dry in the winter. Lips generally take a hit as well. You can prevent that by using a lip balm or lip gloss regularly to keep them moisturized. Keeping them in your purse is a great way to make sure they are always close at hand. Choose your favorite shade instead of going for clear lip balm or lip gloss and you will look lovely at the same time.


Hand Sanitizer

Cold and flu season is upon us, ladies. And one of the things that can help you to avoid those nasties is to use hand sanitizer often. Hand sanitizer can be harsh on your hands but it is worth it for the protection it offers you. Use it often when you are out in public. It’s also good to use after you handle money, menus or other such items.


Static Guard

While most of us do enjoy at least some of the aspects of fall, it is highly doubtful that anyone enjoys the static that begins to become a problem as the temperatures drop. Static guard is available in small sizes that fit perfectly in your purse. It can help you to battle static when it becomes a problem, even when you are not at home. You can help to prevent static by using fabric softener sheets in your dryer. But if static persists, you are ready.


A Mini Lint Roller

Lint can be an issue year round but it just seems to be worse in the winter. Perhaps it is all of those fuzzy sweaters that we begin to wear. For whatever reason, having a lint roller in your purse is a good idea. It helps you to be sure to always look your best. You won’t have to worry about arriving somewhere covered in unsightly lint.



Band-aids can be very valuable to have in your purse in the fall and winter months. All of those adorable flats you bought for fall may not be so kind to your feet. If you end up with a blister, a band-aid can be your lifesaver. They are also good to have if you get a split in your finger from dry skin or other wounds that may occur. They take up little room in your purse but are great to have in there.



When the leaves change, fall allergies can strike. Don’t be caught without a tissue. Carrying a small packet of Kleenex is a good idea. Sometimes cooler weather can make your nose run, too. When this happens, you will be prepared.

Stock your handbag with these fall essentials to be prepared for the season. Now, I am dying to know what fall essentials you have to have in your purse. Would you share them with us?

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I don't have 3-5

Gloves, hat, Phone charger.

Safety pin, paper and pen as well

A tiny purse with eye makeup essentials.

I keep a pair of gloves with me.

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