8 Gorgeous Camera Cases ...


Camera cases not only serve the practical purpose of protecting your camera; there are also some pretty stunning designs around that make great accessories. They´re available in every colour and design, so whatever your taste may be, you can find a camera case to suit it. Here are some of the most gorgeous camera covers and cases to choose from.

1. Simply Suede

Simply Suede

Price: $29.00 at neimanmarcus.com

This plain suede camera case comes in a choice of three gorgeous colours: chocolate brown, olive or smart red. It´s perfect for those who like their accessories simple but of good quality. What´s more, it´s currently selling at half-price!

2. Lovely Leather

Lovely Leather

Price: $55.00 at saksfifthavenue.com

Do you like your bling, or is your style a little subtler? Both tastes are catered for with this smart leather case. You can choose from glamorous gold or classy mocha. The camera cover comes with a belt loop and wrist strap, and is suitable for most cameras.

3. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

Price: $445.00 at net-a-porter.com

Now for some covetable, blow-the-budget camera cases that cost more than the camera! This Alexander Wang bag is so gorgeous that it would also double beautifully as an evening bag. Sure, it´s expensive, but it´s also excellent quality, so if you want something that lasts, here´s the one for you.

4. Anya Hindmarsh

Anya Hindmarsh

Price: $150.00 at net-a-porter.com

Somewhat more affordable (relatively speaking), here´s an eye-catching red case. Anya Hindmarsh is well known for her beautiful bags, and this case has some stunning details that make it more than just functional. It´s also designed with an eye for practicality, having inner pockets for cards and other accessories.

5. Smythson


Price: $230.00 at net-a-porter.com

Smythson is a brand also known for its luxury leather accessories. This purple camera case with quilted lining will not only keep your camera safe, but look gorgeous as well. Although it lacks a wrist strap, it would be perfect for keeping in a handbag.

6. Canon Powershot

Canon Powershot

Price: $6.95 at amazon.com

Of course, not all camera cases hurt your budget. For less than 7 dollars, if you have a Canon Powershot you can house it in this gorgeous little pink case with a smart white stripe. It might fit other models as well, but do check the measurements of both camera and case carefully. And it does have that practical little wrist strap.

7. Moulded Case

Moulded Case

Price: $5.98-9.56 at amazon.com

Do you prefer a moulded camera case for added protection? This one comes in a choice of five colours to suit all tastes, from basic black to bold magenta. I like the fiery red one. This case accommodates most compact cameras, and has an internal pocket for memory cards.

8. Red Plaid

Red Plaid

Price: $8.48 at amazon.com

This plaid case has a touch of the Vivienne Westwood style about it – without the designer price tag. Don't you love affordable camera cases? There´s also a herringbone version for $9.99. The case can also be used to hold your cell phone or Mp3 player, so it´s versatile!

There are gorgeous, stylish camera cases to suit every budget, so you´re bound to find the perfect one for you. Don´t forget to check dimensions of both camera and case before buying, though – you wouldn´t want to be disappointed when your camera won´t fit! What would your perfect camera case look like, if you could design it yourself?

Top Photo Credit: lddwatson78