7 Hollywood Clutches That Will Vamp up Your Outfit ...


Hollywood clutches are guaranteed to make your outfit look vampier. Those starlets just have a way of finding ones that are effortlessly gorgeous. Either that, or their stylists do. Most of the Hollywood clutches I adore are dazzling, but some are a little funky too.

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Alexander McQueen De Manta Satin Clutch

Alexander McQueen De Manta Satin Clutch This is my favorite out of all the Hollywood clutches! Somehow Alexander McQueen has managed to pull off creating one that resembles a butterfly. Thanks to the amazing blend of colors, it will match any cocktail dress. This clutch may not have a lot of space, but that isn’t the point. It looks amazing, and is truly unique.


Givenchy Bambi Clutch

Givenchy Bambi Clutch Sure, this costs a little more than the Bambi-themed purses you’d find in your average Disney store. But then those purses aren’t quite so elegant. It may feature a cartoon character, but I feel it is great for work. In fact, it can spice up the drabbest of outfits.


Anya Hindmarch Courtney Star Cruiser Clutch

Anya Hindmarch Courtney Star Cruiser Clutch This clutch will remind you of amazing vacations every time you look at it. Okay, so most vacations don’t look quite so galactic. But you can’t deny it has a sort of tropical feel. I am also a massive fan of the little tassels. The satin is super soft too!


Kotur Espey Elaphe Clutch

Kotur Espey Elaphe Clutch Now it’s time for something a little more understated. Not everyone wants a clutch that screams with funky colors and vibrant pictures. Using just cream and black, Kotur has created a clutch that is both simple and elegant. Teamed with cream shoes and a black dress, it will look amazing at a formal cocktail party. I also love that it comes with the whole traditional clasp deal.


Stella McCartney Falabella Faux-Leather Clutch

Stella McCartney Falabella Faux-Leather Clutch I do love Stella McCartney and her commitment to faux-leather! This clutch is crystal embellished as well, giving it an eye-catching bit of glitz! There’s something about the crystal designs I really love. They do look a little childlike, but that sort of makes them extra cute. At the same time, the pewter chain makes it edgy!


Kotur Oscar Acrylic-trimmed Brass Clutch

Kotur Oscar Acrylic-trimmed Brass Clutch This clutch is solid! While it may look small, the brocade interior is definitely capable of holding your wallet, cell, and even a little makeup. If you fancy going hands-free, you can add on the optional shoulder strap. The colorful acrylic is a little like shining gem stones. The clutch is hand finished, which makes it worth every penny.


Alexander McQueen Skull Studded Leather Box Clutch

Alexander McQueen Skull Studded Leather Box Clutch I have a bit of a fascination with the old Victorian ‘momento morti’ trend, which is why I love that Alexander McQueen has resurrected it in some of its bag range. This box clutch is dinky in many ways, but wide enough to stash away everything you need. With lots of Swarvoski crystals, this is one of the glitziest clutches out there. In fact, if you own a clutch like this, you won’t need any other accessories to vamp up your outfit!

So these clutches are as Hollywood in terms of price as they are design! That doesn’t mean that you can’t find similar items out there on the high street. They are a great source of inspiration for any woman wanting to vamp up her dress. If you have a favorite clutch, what is it?

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