How to Guide πŸ“— on Organizing πŸ—‚ Your Bag πŸ‘œ so You Can Actually ✌🏼 Find Your Items πŸ™ŒπŸΌ ...


It’s so frustrating when you’re looking for something in your bag and you have to root around and you still can’t find it. I hate when I’m hunting down my keys and they just don’t seem to be in there. No matter what kind of bag you carry, getting it organized makes it easy to find what you want, when you need it. No more cursing under your breath because your gum went missing!

1. Start by Dumping Everything out of Your Bag

This step allows you to get rid of what you don’t need. It’s much easier to organize what’s left if you don’t have a bunch of extra junk cluttering up your space. Go through everything you dumped out of your purse and toss used Kleenex, empty mint containers, receipts and other stuff you’re finished with. Remove extra keys and anything else you never use. Now you can start from scratch.

Group What You Have Left by Category
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