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Items You Should Always Keep in Your Pocketbook Summer Edition ...

By Alison

Own up - how much garbage is in your bag? If it's anything like mine, it's full of receipts, scraps of paper, and half-empty packets of tissues. So spring could be a good time to clear your bag of all the clutter, leaving ample space for the things you do need to carry and making it easier to find what you want. Here are the items you should always keep in your pocketbook …

1 Grooming Tools for a Quick Spruce up

You should always carry some grooming tools in case your appearance needs a quick spruce up. Pack a small pocket mirror, as there isn't always one when you need it. You should also carry a comb or brush, and a pocket-sized hairspray or serum to tidy up stray hairs. A nail file or pair of scissors is also handy.

2 Sanitary Protection - You Never Know when You'll Need It

It's easy to be caught out by the start of your period, as not everyone has a completely regular cycle. So carry a few tampons or sanitary towels in individual packaging. If you don't need them yourself you'll be able to help out a friend in need! A spare pair of undies can also be handy just in case.

3 Healthy Snacks

If you have a tendency to get low blood sugar, keeping some healthy snacks is wise. Pop some dried fruit or nuts in your bag so that when you feel you're getting light-headed, you can quickly eat something. This is particularly important for diabetics. You could also keep a refillable bottle in your bag so that you can carry water from home instead of buying expensive bottled water every day.

4 Emergency Numbers

You've got all the numbers of friends and family stored in your phone - but can you actually remember any of them? No, you can't! So keep a list of important numbers stored in your bag, just in case you need to call from another phone. It's also handy to mark contact numbers of next of kin, in case you need emergency care (better to be safe than sorry!).

5 Hand Cream & Lip Balm

Carrying hand cream or lip balm can also be a lifesaver - or at any rate, a skin saver. If you suffer from dry skin on your hands you should use hand cream every time you wash them. Lip balm or Vaseline will also be handy all year round, especially in winter, to stop chapped lips. If you don't want to carry both you could carry an unscented moisturiser and use it on your lips, hands and skin.

6 Emergency Cash

It's useful to have some emergency cash tucked away in your bag, just in case you forget your wallet or don't have enough cash on you. Hide a $20 bill or a couple of $10 bills so that you have enough cash for a cab fare home or to pick up your shopping. Some change is also useful so that you always have change for a meter.

7 Health Insurance Card

Finally, always carry your healthcare card. You never know when you'll need it (hopefully never!).

I also like to carry a slim paperback so that I've always got something to read, but most of what we carry in our bags isn't necessary and just weighs us down. What is your one indispensable item to carry in your bag?

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