7 Louis Vuitton Bags You'll Love Even if You're Not a Fan of Monograms ...

Louis Vuitton bags are definitely not the first I’d shop for should I ever end up with an unlimited budget at my disposal and a chance to restock on designer items. It’s weird, I know, but the moment I start thinking about LV purses I get these images of piles of brown monogrammed stuff and an urge to start thinking about Mulberry or Prada. It’s totally unfair because a Louis Vuitton bag doesn’t have to be brown or monogrammed – there are plenty of gorgeous, albeit significantly more expensive Louis Vuitton bags to choose from and these following selected few will, I’m sure, appeal to you too, even if you too happen to have a hard time with monograms.

1. Sobe Epi Clutch

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This luxurious clutch actually happens to be one of those Louis Vuitton bags I absolutely love. Seriously, if it is okay for people to love their car, their bike or their power tools, then it should be fine for me to say that I’ve been having these romantic feelings about it ever since I first saw it in Vernis leather. And while Vernis Sobe was hot enough to fall in love with, its Epi sister is to die for in the most Shakespearean way.

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