7 Most Famous Brands for Handbags ...

Nowadays, a pricey handbag purchase isn’t meant to last for just one season. It’s something of an investment, an accessory to last for years, a fashion statement, a conversation piece, an heirloom of sorts. If you’re looking for a bag to last for quite some time, a modern classic you’ll love and carry for ages, then you want to choose one from the best brands for handbags. And I can help! I’m a serious collector of vintage (but still totally hip) handbags. Here are my picks for the 7 most famous and best brands for handbags.

1. Hermes

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There are so many reasons to love Hermes handbags — they’re classic, yet fun, and they’re made to last. A Hermes bag purchased today could well be handed down to your daughter someday! My favorite Hermes bag right now is the Cabalicol weekend tote, the very embodiment of what makes Hermes one of the best brands for handbags — clean, elegant lines, with a little colorful whimsy (blue chambray?) thrown in for good measure.

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