8 Must-Have Green Handbags for Fall 2012 ...

Green bags are unusual. The color is just coming into its own, so up to this point, green handbags have been the exception rather than the rule. That's really a shame, because there are dozens of gorgeous shades on the green color wheel: mint; chartreuse; turquoise; hunter green; spruce. Once upon a time, green was my favorite color, and I used to have several lovely bags in various shades. For whatever reason, I stopped carrying them, but now that the color's back on trend, I might have to search for them again. Or I could always buy new ones – and so can you! See if any of these stunning green purses inspire you!

1. Textured Green Leather Shoulder Bag

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Since green bags come in so many colors, the first thing you need to do is decide if you want something really bright or understated. If you choose an understated shade like this one, which falls somewhere between emerald and chartreuse, then make sure something stands out. In the case of this Chloe bag, it's the snakeskin texture. It really gives the bag a lot of dimension, which makes the color pop that much more.

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