Pretty Pocketbook Trends for 2015 ...


A girl can never have too many bags, which is why you need to add a pocketbook (or two) to your collection. They are the perfect size for carrying your cell phone and credit cards and are fashionable enough to carry with lots of different types of outfits. Check out these great choices and have fun picking out the ones you love best.

1. Slouchy Red Bag

Slouchy Red Bag


It doesn't come cheap, but this bag is perfect for just about any event you go to.

2. Quilted and Pink

Quilted and Pink


Isn't this the most girly bag you've ever seen?

3. All Blinged out

All Blinged out


This fabulous handbag is perfect for your next night out on the town.

4. Totally Girly and Pink

Totally Girly and Pink


What girl wouldn't love to carry this adorable pocketbook?

5. Color Blocking is Awesome

Color Blocking is Awesome


Here's the perfect bag to take to work. You'll look so sophisticated and put together.

6. What Does the Fox Say?

What Does the Fox Say?


How cute is this clutch style pocketbook?

7. Totally Fab

Totally Fab


This has got to be one of the most perfect bags I've ever seen. What about you?

8. How about Something Purple?

How about Something Purple?


What do you think of this dark purple color?

9. Totally Quirky

Totally Quirky


Where would you carry this fab pocketbook?

10. All the Shine You Need

All the Shine You Need


At this price, you can't afford not to have this purse.

11. A Girl's Got to Have Fringe

A Girl's Got to Have Fringe


This fun black bag would match any outfit in your closet.

12. Worth the Splurge

Worth the Splurge


It's got a hefty price tag, but you've got to love this great handbag, right?

13. Total Sophistication

Total Sophistication


The color and texture of this clutch make it perfect for a night out on the town.

14. Quilted and Casual

Quilted and Casual


There are so many places where this bag would work.

15. Total Vintage Style

Total Vintage Style


Get a load of the bling on this bag! I can't wait to make it my own!

16. A Big Pink Bow

A Big Pink Bow


Every girl needs a great pink handbag in her collection, right?

17. Covered in Butterflies

Covered in Butterflies


Wouldn't you love to accessorize with this bag?

18. Vintage Geometric

Vintage Geometric


Where would you take this fabulous clutch?

19. Great Colors All on One Bag

Great Colors All on One Bag

There's something so perfect about this color combo, don't you think?

20. Tiger Clutch

Tiger Clutch


There's so much to love about this clutch!

21. Love Life

Love Life



You'll love life when you're strutting down the street carrying this bag.

Which ones are you planning to add to your collection?