Sexy Bags for Every Personality ...

By Cassandra

Sexy Bags for Every Personality ...

Take it from a woman who collects handbags like they're going out of style. Having a sexy bag that matches your personality adds the perfect touch to an already killer outfit. I love finding pieces that tell a story; if these fierce bags could talk, I'm sure that they'd have a lot to tell. With so many super cute styles to choose from, your wardrobe will never get boring.

1 The Confident Trendsetter

clothing,footwear,fashion,outerwear,spring, Source: What I'd Wear

2 The 'down to Earth' GiIrl

clothing,footwear,pattern,fashion,tights, Source: Tips to Take Your Style

3 The Introvert

clothing,footwear,fashion,outerwear,handbag, Source: At Great Lengths Long Sweater

4 The Old Soul

clothing,cap,footwear,outerwear,fashion, Source: Favorite Spring Fashion "PINS" Friday

5 The Flirt

pink,dress,clothing,gown,peach, Source: DIY Beauty Tutorials: My Top

6 The Prepster

handbag,clothing,red,footwear,fashion, Source: Fall Weekends in Chicago

7 The Hopeless Romantic

color,clothing,pink,footwear,girl, Source: Women's Fashion: Gray & Orchid

8 The Traveler

black,clothing,fashion,glasses, Source: Celine Handbags, Celine Luggage Outlet

9 The Extrovert

white,black,handbag,footwear,yellow, Source:

10 The Laidback Girl

clothing,footwear,fashion,street,shoe, Source: Women's Fashionista: She's my one

11 The Sporty Girl

clothing,footwear,spring,fashion,leather, Source: Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers

12 The Creative Thinker

blue,clothing,product,spring,human body, Source:

13 The Grad Student

color,clothing,green,blue,outerwear, Source: 26 Fashion Rules You Should

14 The Business Saavy Lady

clothing,footwear,lady,girl,beauty, Source:

15 The Artist

clothing,girl,lady,footwear,fashion, Source: Exploded Plaid Scarf

16 The Money Saavy Woman

color,black,blue,clothing,footwear, Source: Marc Jacobs

17 The Free Spirit

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,gown, Source: Leuksenegal

Are any of these bags giving you style envy? Let us know in the comments below!

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What brand is #10?

Love them all!

didn't like any of them, im extremely picky when it comes to bags!!!

I love number #2 handbag . It's so me , wow. I totally agree with PEONY BLUE she's right 👍🏾

Ha! Definitely the sporty girl 😆

Who cares if its real or fake...a bag is a bag is a bag!😉


#12 :D

I like them all

Ohmygosh.... #12 handbag is super cute!! O.O

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