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7 Surefire Tips to Lighten Your Heavy Purse Load ...

By Alicia

Have you ever wondered how your purse became so heavy? Women have actually sustained shoulder, neck and back injuries from carrying heavy bags. So what can you do to make your purse lighter to prevent an injury and so it’s easier to carry? These’re the 7 steps you need to lighten up your heavy purse.

1 Clean out the Trash

Clean out the TrashIt’s so easy to stuff a straw paper or a used Kleenex down in your purse. You probably find receipts in there, too. While these things don’t weigh a lot, they can add up. They also clutter up your purse so that you can’t find anything. Disorganization is going to lead to a heavier purse so make sure you clean the trash out regularly.

2 Consider a Separate Diaper Bag 👶

human positions, product, sitting, play, toddler,Babies need a lot of things. Diapers, wipes, extra clothing, bottles, toys and many other items are required in baby care. Some women choose an extra large purse and combine their handbag and diaper bag into one and that’s okay if that’s what you prefer. But if the goal is to lighten your purse then separating the two bags will be a tremendous help. You’ll be amazed how much lighter your purse feels!

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3 Fish the Extra Lipsticks out 💄

Fish the Extra Lipsticks out 💄This’s a common problem women have. Lipsticks go in but they don’t come out. You apply your lipstick in the morning and then tuck it in your purse so you’ll have it for touchups throughout the day. But it’s really easy to forget to return it to your makeup storage at the end of the day. After a week or so of this, you can build up quite a collection of lipsticks in your purse, which contributes to making it heavy.

4 Determine What You Truly Need

handbag, fashion accessory,Have you played The Purse Game? To quickly sum this up, it’s a game based on earning points by what you have in your purse. You can see a lot of strange things come out of women’s purses during The Purse Game. It’s a real life example of how women carry various things they don’t need. Take a look through your purse and condense it down to what you truly need.

5 Clean out Your Wallet

Clean out Your WalletWallets can become heavy in and of themselves! They need a clean out every now and then, too. Most of us carry far more than we truly use in our wallets. Take out the business cards, receipts and store loyalty cards that’re outdated. You may even be able to switch to a smaller wallet, further lightening your purse.

6 Change Purses

footwear, leather, hand,One idea to help you have a lighter purse is to switch purses altogether. The bigger your bag, the more stuff you’re going to cram in it. It just kind of expands to fill the empty space. When you carry a small purse you’ll have to clearly evaluate what is and isn’t important to carry along. Also, a smaller purse is generally lighter than a big bag even when they’re empty so that counts, too.

7 Develop Better Habits Going Forward

Develop Better Habits Going ForwardOne thing that can help you to have a lighter purse is to develop better purse habits going forward. Don’t wait until your purse is a disaster before you have a big cleanout. Try to do that weekly or at least bi-weekly. Don’t allow trash or unneeded things to make their way into your purse, either. With these tips you can have a lovely, light purse that’s a pleasure to carry.

I hope this offered you some helpful tips to lighten up your purse. Does your purse get too heavy on occasion? Which of these tips did you need?

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