7 Stylish Roll-Top Clutches That Will Replace Your Handbag ...

Taking inspiration from the humble paper bag, roll-top clutches are perfect for embracing the minimalist trend that’s so popular right now. Larger roll-top clutches would make a great replacement for your regular groaning-at-the-seams handbags. Choose a neutral colour for all occasions or mix it up with prints and textures for something more statement-making. Update your arm candy this season with these roll-top clutches.

1. Black Roll-Top Clutch

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Roll-top clutches are perfect for embracing all things minimalist. This sleek black clutch by Marie Turnor Accessories is a versatile everyday option. It has a rolled top with a invisible magnetic closure to prevent all your valuables from falling out. While this clutch will set you back a couple of hundred dollars, check out your favourite chain stores for more affordable options.

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