9 Tablet Cases That Double as Fashionable Clutches ...

Fashion and technology have a tendency to go hand in hand these days and you only have to look at tablet cases to see how far tech accessories have come over the past couple of years. No longer just a functional piece of housing, all your usual tech accessories are now at the forefront of fashion. When it comes to tablets, there are a range of cases and sleeves available to help you carry and protect your most prized technological possessions. You can also make these tablet cases work double time by using them as fashionable clutches.

1. Metallic Tablet Case

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Tablet cases come in all sorts of shapes and designs, and this envelope case would make a stylish home for your tablet. It’s made from real leather and has a metallic finish. You can grab it on sale for under $30 from ASOS. It’s quite a glamorous option for a tablet but you could also empty it out and use it as a clutch for a chic evening look.

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