These 21 Clutches under 50 Are Perfect for Summer Parties ...

By Eliza

These 21 Clutches under 50 Are Perfect for Summer Parties ...

Who doesn't love a great clutch? They're great for all of your summer parties because you can stash what you need (your phone, credit card, etc.), but without having to carry around a huge bag that will get in the way of all of your partying. If you want to round out your bag collection, add one of these clutches for this summer. They're all super affordable and super cute!

1 Beaded Clutch

Beaded Clutch
This fancy clutch is inexpensive and the strap makes it easy to carry.

2 Zebra Print

Zebra Print
Add some great pattern to your life with this adorable clutch.

3 A Pop of Bright Red

A Pop of Bright Red
Every party needs a dash of red to make it even more fun.

4 Go for Something Quirky

Go for Something Quirky
Isn't this a fantastic clutch? It's definitely a conversation starter.

5 You Can't Go Wrong with Faux Fur

You Can't Go Wrong with Faux Fur
Fuzzy and pink? Yes, please!

6 How about Bright Blue?

How about Bright Blue?
Every girl needs an affordable blue clutch in their wardrobe.

7 Something Retro

Something Retro
Don't you just love the 1950s feel of this fab clutch?

8 Basic Black

Basic Black
A basic black clutch is something you can pair will of your summer clothes.

9 Flap Clutch

Flap Clutch
The strap on this makes it easy to carry and the flap is perfect.

10 Lovely White Clutch

Lovely White Clutch
A white clutch will match all of your favorite summer sundresses.

11 Fancy Box Clutch

Fancy Box Clutch
You're sure to get tons of compliments when you carry this clutch.

12 Really Cool Shell Bag

Really Cool Shell Bag
You want this one, don't you?

13 Bling It up

Bling It up
Need to sparkle and shine? This clutch will help you do just that.

14 Beautiful Purple Flower

Beautiful Purple Flower
Isn't that flower just about perfect for summer parties?

15 Something Elegant Fancy

Something Elegant Fancy
Talk about affordable, right?

16 Black Envelope Clutch

Black Envelope Clutch
This adorable clutch has just the right amount of sparkle.

17 Neutral but Unique

Neutral but Unique
Lovely, isn't it?

18 Panel Clutch

Panel Clutch
The colors on this clutch make it ideal for spring and summer.

19 Cool Pattern

Cool Pattern
The cool cutout pattern on this clutch really makes it stand out.

20 Totally Luxe

Totally Luxe
This clutch only looks like you spent hundreds on it.

21 Quilted Mini Clutch

Quilted Mini Clutch
This adorable mini clutch will quickly become your new favorite.

Which one is your favorite? What kind of party will you take it to?

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