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Knowing how to keep your bag safe when traveling is a grim necessity, no matter where you are. On a school trip to Paris, one of my teachers had her passport stolen! Fortunately the British embassy sorted her out pronto, so she was able to come home with us. Learning how to keep your bag safe isn’t exactly rocket science. However, some of these tips sort of surprised me when I learned them!

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Zip to the Front

When learning how to keep your bag safe as you travel, this is one of the simplest tips. If you are carrying a gorgeous bag, make sure the zip faces forwards just like you do. If the zip is behind you, someone can unzip and steal before you know it. Trust me, I have met more than one person who has returned to their hotel room only to find their goods are missing.


Do Away with Valuables

Valuables are a beacon to nasty thieves. Especially passports, because those belonging to certain nations are absolute gold mines on the black market. If you have a safe available to you, use it. You might not mean to flash your goods about, but if someone does spot them you can become a target.


Backpacks to the Front

As a teenager I used to snigger at the tourists wearing their backpacks on their front on the tube. Then when I travelled to other countries I realised they were caring for their valuables. As I am sure anybody who has been on the tube, subway, or metro will already know, those places get so cramped people bang into you by accident. Wearing a backpack, you may find yourself sans-belongings while mistaking the thief for someone who bangs into you by accident.


Employ across the Body Straps

As someone who loves her cocktails, I know that we all start out with amazing safety intentions at the beginning of a night out and then somehow our clutches are out of sight. Thankfully, me treating my clutch like a Mexican hat (I am clumsy) hasn’t yet resulted in a theft. However, I soon turned towards the whole across the body straps ensemble to prevent that happening. Your bag is at the front, so it is less likely to go on a little journey of its own with a complete stranger.


Don’t Leave Your Bag Unattended

No matter where I go in the world, it seems that airports are keen to pound on bags within seconds of them being left unattended. And hey, they’re only taking care of our safety by doing so! I have seen bags being removed at Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle, so keep an eye on yours if you want to have it with you for your journey. Besides, it puts a little space between you and other customers when you’re doing tax free shopping before your flight!


Buy a Lock

I love hostels for the simplicity they offer. However, I have never stayed in one without buying a decent lock to use on the lockers. Your temporary roommate may seem like an absolute darling, but they could still nab your stuff. Locks don’t cost much, and you can easily take yours from place-to-place.


Padlock That Case

Even with the right positioning and a savvy head on your shoulders, you might not be able to keep your eye on your bag at all times. If the contents inside are seriously important to you, add a small padlock to it. Keep everything you need to hand in your bra instead! (I can’t be the only person who does that?) When you arrive at your next destination you can always unlock it.

Keeping your bag safe will make for a happy journey. Let’s face it, you won’t get far without your money and passport. If you’re an adventurous traveller, you may not even be near an embassy to help you out when things go missing. If you have some great tips for keeping your bag safe, please share them here!

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Some of these articles are incredibly helpful and interesting but need to be proofread: "make sure the zip faces forwards just like you do"?

1. If you have a cheap handbag which is easily slashed, be sure to have a liner inside. This has saved a few people. 2. When you're on a tube/anywhere really super busy hold on to your bags opening, also goes for "nice people" talking to you, don't doubt these people someone could be behind you taking something right out of your bag. 3. Buy a back back which has a zip on the back, only way to get in is by taking your bag off. 4. Always have your bag near you, and connected to you when you're on a train or bus or just waiting around and you happen to dose off- that way if someone tries to get something you'll be woken up.

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