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One of my pet peeves is a cluttered purse, so I’ve got some of my best tips to organize your purse if this drives you crazy too! Don’t you just hate when you go to the bank, gas station, or to pay for that fabulous blouse you found for a steal, and you can’t find anything? It’s such a pain, and so frustrating! Yet, when you get home, you’re tired, your bag is full of receipts, and you just want to call it a day and get something to eat or put your feet up. I understand completely! So, to make things easier on you, consider using some of these tips to organize your purse, which really requires no more than 5 minutes. You can do this in your car, when you get home while you wait for water to boil for your tea, or maybe even on your lunch break during your work day. Your whole day is just better when your handbag is clutter-free, take my word for it!

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Take It All out

One of the first tips to organize your purse is to just take it all out. Sometimes I just dump everything onto a table, take a deep breath, and follow the rest of the steps below. You can’t organize your purse by leaving some things in it. When you do, you may miss something at the bottom, and it doesn’t get properly organized this way.


Filter out the Trash

Next, when you’re cleaning out your purse, it’s best to try to focus on all the trash at once. Pick out any gum wrappers, crumpled pieces of paper, etc. Try to snag any receipts you might want to keep and set them aside. Then, just toss the trash and move on.


Wallet First

Any cards or documents you spot that need to go in your wallet, or loose change, of course, put them back in their home. This way you know all your money is where it should be and you can move onto more important things. While you’re at it, make sure your wallet’s zippers and fasteners work well. Then you also know your money’s not going anywhere!


Beauty Products

Next, pick up all your beauty products and find them a happy home. If you have a cosmetic bag, then place them back in there, or if you can find a little Ziploc bag that works too. This way, nothing’s floating around and making you waste your time trying to find it. You can simply reach in your bag, pull out your beauty bag and be ready to go.


Wipe down Your Phone

I like to keep little alcohol wipes in my purse and give my phone a wipedown. These dry so fast, they’re the best way to clean your phone effectively, but won’t harm it with too much water or moisture. You know you should regularly wipe down your phone since it picks up more bacteria than you could imagine. Just one or two swipes makes a huge difference.


Odds and Ends

Any odds and ends you’ve got in your purse like receipts, documents, or things like brushes, etc., should be placed back where they belong, or placed back in your purse last. Since these items float around more than other contained items, they don’t need to be at the bottom of your bag. Instead, they should be in a well kept compartment of your bag, like a zipper or pocket, for easy finding.


Place It All Neatly Back in

Then, when you’re done, just place everything back in your bag and be on your merry way! You can easily do this anywhere, as you can see, but it would be best to be near somewhere that you can spread everything out, and also have a trash can near by.

A good practice to start doing now is to start taking any receipts out of your bag when you get home and having an envelope or folder to place them in. This way, your purse doesn’t become the receipt recycling bin, and it will also be much easier to keep up with your financial records this way. Also, if you have even a few extra minutes, consider wiping down your bag too, since it picks up a good bit of bacteria. Do you have any tips to organize your purse in under 5 minutes you’d like to share?

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good stuff

Common sense

Nice one...i think I'll just get a smaller purse. Small purse, little space..less clutter

Thanks for the reminder to do this...after an event out and a change of purses, I tend to forget.

I tried to down size my bag for less clutter now it just looks like a bowling ball

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