7. Inside-out Structured Bags

Inside-out Structured Bags

As with two-tone pieces, structured bags that uphold their structure with their design as well as their shape are absolutely gorgeous. If that sounds a little confusing, just use this YSL Cabas Chyc tote as inspiration. The black trim adds to the overall structure by following the lines of the silhouette and creating new shapes. Black on white or cream really pops, but any color combination will do as long as you choose hues that provide a pleasing contrast.

You'll have the opportunity to look really chic, whether you pair your bag with a Chanel-inspired suit or a fabulous, winter-ready caped coat, a sweater, closely fitting leggings, and gorgeous boots.

Ah, structured handbags fall 2012 style: aren't they great? You'll find bags like these in all of your favorite stores and boutiques, whether you frequent Net-a-Porter, love Macy's, or can't get enough of Etsy. Remember, just look for sharp lines and lots of angles; from there, choose between neutral color palettes or bright, bold shades. Would geometric handbags work with your wardrobe?

Top Image Source: arielgordonjewelry.blogspot.in

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