Why Every Woman Should Have a Backpack ...

By Carly

Why Every Woman Should Have a Backpack ...

When you are a student in school, it is second nature to have a backpack. It’s the number one accessory that you don’t even think about but that comes in handy every single day. As you get older, however, it seems as though backpacks get replaced by handbags and clutch purses, and though there is certainly a time and place for those items too, they should never be at the expense of the classic rucksack! Here are just a few reasons why every woman should have a backpack!

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1 They’ve Got Your Back

And I mean literally! Using a handbag or shoulder bag will start to cause aches and pains over time, giving you droopy shoulder syndrome in some cases. A backpack sits squarely on both of your shoulders, distributing the weight in a much more comfortable and healthy way.

2 More Storage

You can fit pretty much your entire life in to a backpack if you try hard enough! The increased storage space is a huge positive factor compared to something like a clutch or smaller fashion purse or tote. You can throw in your keys, phone, purse, book, change of clothes, and everything else you need to take somewhere!

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3 Pickpocket Safe

It is much harder to both take something out of a backpack and pull it off of a person’s body with a quick movement. These two things make backpacks a much better option for people who are concerned about being pickpocketed. If someone tries to undo all of your buckles and zips, you are certainly go to know about it before they can take anything, and they won’t be able to just slip something off your shoulder.

4 On Trend

Aside from all of the practical positives of a backpack, another plus for them is that they are on trend right now! The hottest trends aren’t always accessible to everyone’s finances, but I think it’s safe to say that we can all afford some sort of backpack to add to our accessory closets.

5 Be Different

Rock a backpack and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd, they might be on trend right now, but they still aren’t being embraced by everyone. Get in on the game before everyone else does, and you will be seen as one of the frontrunners who championed being different!

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