42 Bags and Purses You Can Buy on Etsy ...

By Neecey

42 Bags and Purses You Can Buy on Etsy ...

If you prefer not to shop the high street for items everyone might have, there are some uncommon, unique, unusual and sometimes, one of a kind bags and purses on Etsy. The creative souls who open Etsy shops are to be praised for their ideas and ingenuity, and of course, their craftmanship. Ready for a look see at some of the bags and purses on Etsy?

1 Gray Bag with Pink Bow Purse

Gooza on Etsy
Price: $45.33

2 Patchwork Bag

5plus on Etsy
Price: $79.00

3 Boho Leather Messenger Bag with Crochet Lace & Antique Key

urbanheirlooms on Etsy
Price: $330.00

4 World Map Prints Backpack

leyyabags on Etsy
Price: $125.00

5 Personalized Aqua and Grey Chevron Backpack

Three Little Chickadees
Price: $35.00

6 Elephant Parade Sling Bag

BenThaiProducts on Etsy
Price: $9.99

7 Art Tote Bag

Tulipe Studio
Price: $30.00

8 Atzec Hobo Bag

Price: $40.00

9 Brown Canvas Messenger Bag

LeizistudioEtsy on Etsy
Price: $49.99

10 Tapestry Boho Bag Drawstring Bag

piperscrossing on Etsy
Price: $42.00

11 Bohemian Leather Cross Body, Toggle Tote Bag, Hand Stamped Purse, Sol Child Lea

three bird nest
Price: $88.00

12 Monogrammed Backpack Aqua Chevron Girls Bookbag

DoubleBEmbroidery on Etsy
Price: $29.95

13 Olive Green Foldover Clutch Bag

Price: $43.00

14 Monogrammed Leather Stripe Purse

DesignsbyApril1234 on Etsy
Price: $34.95

15 Vintage Large Nautical Overnight Carry on Duffle Bag

dirty birdies vintage
Price: $30.00

16 Crossbody Bag Ponika

GoodMoodMoon on Etsy
Price: $24.00

17 Monogrammed Backpack Aqua

Sweet Monograms
Price: $35.00

18 Mini Messenger Bag

BrandiaManufacture on Etsy
Price: $75.00

19 Mint Wristlet - Mint Arrows

Price: $18.00

20 Suede Leather Ruby-brown Small Crossbody Bag

Price: $52.00

21 Fringed Tapestry Gypsy Black Cross Body Bag

piperscrossing on Etsy
Price: $49.00

22 Vegan Leather Bag

Price: $58.00

23 Reversible Bag

Price: $35.00

24 Black Tote Bag

Price: $76.00

25 Large Canvas Tote Bag

Imola by noemiimola
Price: $70.00

26 Tote Messenger Bag

Price: $74.00

27 Grey Tote Bag

Price: $88.00

28 Hippie Duffle Bag

Tribalover on Etsy
Price: $16.48

29 Military Canvas Bag

OldishButGoldish on Etsy
Price: $17.80

30 Small Crossbody Purse

Glad2Balive on Etsy
Price: $43.48

31 Black Tote Bag

Price: $48.00

32 Vintage Denim Jean Purse

dirty birdies vintage
Price: $20.00

33 Shoulder Bag "Floria", Mint Bag

Price: $28.00

34 Grey Wool Leather Bag

Glad2Balive on Etsy
Price: $48.60

35 Woodland Bird Bag

Star Bags
Price: $87.00

36 Blue Leather Tote Bag

5plus on Etsy
Price: $178.00

37 Black Tote Bag

Price: $76.00

38 Leather Hobo Bag

5plus on Etsy
Price: $183.00

39 Nude Leather Hobo Bag

5plus on Etsy
Price: $147.00

40 Gold Wristlet Clutch

Price: $36.00

41 Black and White Renaissance Art Print Tote Bag

Amanda Jane Dalby Photography and Design
Price: $28.00

42 Grey Wool Leather Purse, Winter Crossbody Bag

Glad2Balive on Etsy
Price: $48.33

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