Here's Why You Need to Add a Red Handbag to Your Closet ...

By Eliza

Here's Why You Need to Add a Red Handbag to Your Closet ...

Are you as much of a purse addict as I am? There is something so much fun about carrying a great new handbag. In any color, shape or size, I love finding a new bag to wear with my favorite outfits. Looking to expand you collection? A red bag is the perfect choice. Here's all the proof you need.

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1 Preppy Style

Preppy Style Amazon
Price: $22.50

2 Chain Bag

Chain Bag rag & bone
Price: $595.00

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3 Double Handle

Double Handle Amazon
Price: $36.99

4 Red Wristlet Purse

Red Wristlet Purse Aiko Threads
Price: $35.65

5 Red Leather

Red Leather ThePurseCo on Etsy
Price: $260.00

6 Red and White Tote Bag

Red and White Tote Bag Aiko Threads
Price: $48.00

7 Handmade Style

Handmade Style YASEMINYASEMIN on Etsy
Price: $29.00

8 Red Punk Handbag

Red Punk Handbag Tragic Beautiful
Price: $58.00

9 Fishtail Braid Clutch

Fishtail Braid Clutch Dainty Hooligan
Price: $42.00
Availability: instock

10 Small Shoulder Bag

Small Shoulder Bag Dagabags on Etsy
Price: $51.00

11 Women's Cross Body

Women's Cross Body Target
Price: $16.99

12 Polka Dots with a Bow

Polka Dots with a Bow YASEMINYASEMIN on Etsy
Price: $26.00

13 Large Leather Tote

Large Leather Tote Fanina Bags
Price: $98.00

14 Vintage Red Turtle Print

Vintage Red Turtle Print tanyawee on Etsy
Price: $8.95

15 Fringed Leather

Fringed Leather Kiki Closet
Price: $39.95

16 Red Vintage Purse

Red Vintage Purse aveing on Etsy
Price: $15.52

17 V Chain

V Chain Bead & Reel
Price: $82.00

18 Red Zip Continental Wallet

Red Zip Continental Wallet FORZIERI.COM
Price: $168.00

19 Fun Strap

Fun Strap Gordon Stuart
Price: $545.00

20 Pleated Bag

Pleated Bag hippirhino on Etsy
Price: $37.00

21 Transparent Chain

Transparent Chain FORZIERI.COM
Price: $2495.00

22 Rose Red

Rose Red DS Style
Price: $18.88

23 Red Satin Evening Handbag

Red Satin Evening Handbag 1stdibs
Price: $1450.00

24 African Fashion

African Fashion PFABdesigns on Etsy
Price: $85.00

25 Vintage 1950's

Vintage 1950's Atomic Cherry
Price: $95.00

26 Quilted Patent Glossy Chain Handbag

Quilted Patent Glossy Chain Handbag
Price: $14.25

27 Business Handbag

Business Handbag BlastFromThePastBags
Price: $62.00

28 Genuine Italian Leather

Genuine Italian Leather
Price: $119.00

29 Shiny and Fun

Shiny and Fun NoussaBags on Etsy
Price: $39.00

30 Short Handle and Fun Clasp

Short Handle and Fun Clasp
Price: $169.00

31 Triple Zippers

Triple Zippers
Price: $79.00

32 Drawstring Shoulder Handbag

Drawstring Shoulder Handbag Pilot
Price: $16.00

33 Little Details

Little Details FORZIERI.COM
Price: $550.00

34 Pillowy and Adorable

Pillowy and Adorable
Price: $199.00

35 Boxy Design

Boxy Design
Price: $45.00

I bet you're dying to have a red handbag now, aren't you? Which one do you love the best?

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