7 Ways to Accessorize Your Bag ...

By Lisa

7 Ways to Accessorize Your Bag ...

Sometimes we think of our handbags as accessories but have you thought about ways to accessorize a bag? You can easily take your purse to the next level by adding some pretty and fun handbag embellishments to something you use on a daily basis. Look forward to wearing and using your bag by incorporating some of these 7 simple ways to accessorize your bag!

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1 Key Chains

A super easy way to accessorize a bag and show off your personal style is to hang a key chain or two on your purse! You don’t have to have any super swanky key chains to pull off this look either. Stores like H&M, Forever 21, even tween accessory stores all carry fun and stylish charms that you can hook onto your purse. There are also key chains that you can hook on between the handles to look like a necklace for your purse! Key chains can easily bring out accent colors or add some much needed sparkle to an otherwise drab bag!

2 Jewelry

If you have any pieces of jewelry that are near and dear to your heart but you just don’t wear, use them to accessorize your purse! Use vintage clip-on earrings to clip on to a handle or use pierced earrings or brooches to pin on to the purse fabric. If you’re not too keen on pinning anything onto your bag, which I completely understand, search thrift stores for cheap and chic clip-on earrings or tie a long string of beads or faux pearls on one handle. Just be careful if you go with the beads because they can get caught on things!

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3 Craft Supplies

How about using some craft supplies that you already own or buying some affordable accents for accessorizing your bag? If you’ve got a glue gun, you can easily spruce up an old or boring bag by gluing on some studs, brooches, buttons or beads. This is a great way to add a “new” purse into your rotation! Of course this is a more permanent way to accessorize a purse, so only use bags that you want to revive and won’t mind making mistakes on!

4 Ribbons

Another easy way to accessorize your bag that’s a subtle alternative to tying on a scarf is to use ribbons. It looks similar but it’s much less ornate and less likely to get in the way. Tie a pretty ribbon on a handle or a broken zipper pull to add some color and texture. The ribbon also comes in really handy when you need to pull back your hair or want to cover up an old hair tie. It’s also a great way to show your support for breast cancer awareness or the troops!

5 Fobs

Accessorize your purse with a purse fob to add a bit of whimsy and unexpected flair! Purse fobs are different from conventional key fobs that are used to unlock your car or to identify your keys. While purse fobs can look similar to key chains, they’re usually much slimmer in design and aren’t as busy-looking. You can easily make your own purse fob to add a personal touch to your handbag too!

6 Scarves

One of the easiest and most common ways to accessorize a bag is to tie on a scarf. You don’t have to buy scarves that are made to be used with purses unless you want to. You can use your own scarves or borrow one and tie it on to one or both of the handles. Or, use a scarf in lieu of a drawstring if you have a drawstring bag to add a pop of color or drama to your overall look!

7 Hair Clips

Perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to accessorize a bag is to use hair clips! But don’t reach for your plastic tortoiseshell hair claw just yet, you want to take it a step up for your bag. Use hair accessories with clips or ones you can tie on the bag that have interesting features like feathers, flowers or faux jewels. This will definitely get you noticed and it’s a great way to use hair accessories that rarely get worn!

There are so many ways to accessorize a bag that make use of so many things you already own! I love to accessorize purses because it gives them an extra special touch and it looks so girly. Another great benefit of embellishing your bags is that it also gives your older purses a chance at a new life! Simply adding some pretty decorations can take an old bag from boring to bam! Do you like to accessorize your bag? What do you use as accessories?

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