7 Fabulous Oxblood Bags for This Season ...

By Lyndsie

7 Fabulous Oxblood Bags for This Season ...

I adore oxblood bags. I've always been a fan of this particular shade, so much so that, in my pseudo Goth teenage years, I owned the most divine pair of boots! Now you're seeing oxblood everywhere – in jeans, tops, jackets, and yes, there are plenty of oxblood handbags, too! The color is so versatile and it works well with a variety of shapes and silhouettes. Take a look at some of these stunning burgundy purses, and tell me you aren't ready to go shopping ASAP!

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1 Textured Leather Oxblood Bag

Textured Leather Oxblood Bag When you're choosing among different oxblood bags, start simply. It's such a rich, decadent color that, if you're not sure about it, it's better to go with something sleek, elegant, and largely simple. Forget about a lot of embellishments or eccentric shapes. Go with something like this, instead: it's trendy but fully functional, and easily meshes well with business or casual attire, so you'll get more use out of it.

2 Small Patterned Tote

Small Patterned Tote If you want a more interesting oxblood bag, you should still start small, so to speak. In terms of trim and embellishment, a bag like this is still quite simple and chic. It relies on darker shades of burgundy, an architectural shape, and some decidedly industrial hardware. It easily takes you from the office to the club, bar, or restaurant, and lets you get a little wild with your outfit choices.

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3 Modern Geometric Oxblood Bag

Modern Geometric Oxblood Bag Now, if you really want to stand out, start with neat shapes. Chloe, for example, offers a bag that is decidedly geometric. Its shape is slightly pentagonal, but with soft edges, accents, and hardware. It draws the eye but it doesn't steal all of the attention, if you get what I mean. It's modern, but it has feminine appeal as well, so you really get the best of both worlds.

4 Multicolored Shoulder Bag

Multicolored Shoulder Bag If you're not really ready to jump onto the burgundy bandwagon, don't worry. There are lots of oxblood bags that incorporate different colors or patterns. Here, there's a mix of black, burgundy, and pink, so you get all the decadence of oxblood but the other colors provide a really lovely, harmonious mix. This is a party bag, a day bag, a work bag – you name it! This way, you can easily wear burgundy or oxblood elsewhere, without overdoing it.

5 Embellished Oxblood Clutch

Embellished Oxblood Clutch Ah, Alexander McQueen! No other brand understands the elegance and outright sex appeal of oxblood quite so well! This is one of my favorite Oxblood handbags, although it is, of course, a clutch. I think burgundy really works well with formal attire. You could jazz up any dressy frock with this clutch, whether it's black, cream, pink, white, grey, or any variation thereof. It speaks of opulence, so it works especially well with a really killer LBD.

6 Two-Toned Oxblood Tote

Two-Toned Oxblood Tote Again, if you're not quite ready to go full out oxblood, no problem. A lot of designers, such as YSL, mix the color with something else. As you can see, it goes beautifully with dark green, especially when the bag has a lot of strong structure. If you choose a mossy offset, make the most of the earth tones in your wardrobe. Complement creamy ensembles of ivory, eggshell, and certain pastels.

7 Studded Shoulder Bag

Studded Shoulder Bag Finally, don't be afraid to look for really hardcore oxblood handbags. Choose something with lots of studs or zippers or other metal hardware. It's a strong color, it can easily take the competition. Look, it even handles fringe like a champ! You can't say that about every color!

Because of the versatility of the color, oxblood bags work well for daytime events and evening soirees. It really all depends on the exact variation of color, the type of bag you buy, its shape, and its hardware. Oxblood is an excellent choice when you want to experiment with new colors and accent pieces, but don't want to be too out there. What do you think of these burgundy purses, is the color a winner or will you pass on the trend?

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