7 Tips for Buying a Pre-Loved or Discontinued Louis Vuitton Bag ...


7 Tips for Buying a Pre-Loved or Discontinued Louis Vuitton Bag ...
7 Tips for Buying a Pre-Loved or Discontinued Louis Vuitton Bag ...

Learning what to look for, how to buy a discontinued Louis Vuitton bag and score a beautiful new-to-you purse is exactly what a girl needs to do if she hopes to get something she’ll be completely happy with. And, boy, buying pre loved designer bags can sure be hard, especially if we’re talking about shopping online! Now, I’m not trying to scare you but, once you decide to drop some serious cash for that ideal LV, the last thing you want to find out is that the bag is not up to your standards. Luckily, there are ways to avoid beginner’s mistakes and shop like a pro even if it’s your first time, and this list of tips for buying Louis Vuitton will help you do it:

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Avoid Bags with Cracked Canvas

There are tons of things that can cause the usually durable LV coated canvas to crack and, once it does your beauty is… well… “doomed” seems to be the right way to put it. Your bag will become a fashion equivalent of Harry Potter prior to his little “Ay, there, laddie, magic exists” session with Hagrid, and a lot of closed doors, no-can-dos and sorrys are all you can expect should you ever decide to have anything repair or replaced. Even the smallest of cracks translates to “game over” when it comes to all post-sales services buyers of these luxury goods can expect and that especially goes for items older than a year or two.


Inspect the Lining

Ink stains, peeling, sticky pockets, tears and nail polish spills are just some of many things you really need to keep your eyes open for when buying pre loved designer bags. And in case your dream bag happens to be a Louis Vuitton, you really should allow yourself to be a bit petty. Why? Because the only way to have the issue dealt with by LV is to cough up a few Benji Franklins and have the lining replaced. Now, in case in case digging some info on how to buy a discontinued Louis Vuitton bag is what brought you here in the first place, you might decide the extra cost is well worth it. And that’s completely cool! Be extra careful when it comes to current styles, though, as these repairs coupled with the cost of the bag itself may exceed the price of a brand new piece!


Moldy is a No Go!

Apart from being totally “eww”, a moldy bag (even a slightly moldy one) can end up being more than you’ve bargained for! And, trust me, the extra cost and hassle of having it cleaned should be the least of your concerns! Some mold spores are airborne and can easily travel to your other items which, in case you own a lot of premium brands, can lead to insane repair costs! This particular tip for buying Louis Vuitton (or any other item, for that matter) is one of those print – underline – stick to your fridge kind of shopping rules you can afford to bend only in case you’re getting a bag for free and plan to keep it tightly sealed and quarantined until its ready to be shipped to a proper bag cleaning facility.


What Does It Smell like?

Speaking about things that will help you learn how to buy a discontinued Louis Vuitton bag in mint condition or a pre loved beauty you’ll be proud to call your own – add “smell” to your list of things to inquire about prior to purchasing the item of your dreams. Most experienced, reliable sellers will mention this anyway which makes things that much easier for you, yet you shouldn’t allow yourself to get comfortable with just everyone and assume the item smells fine in case this little detail is not listed in the description. Ask! It won’t take more than a few minutes of your time and will save you the headache of Febrezing it religiously until the smell is gone!


Consider Repair Costs

Badly stained, beat-up or damaged vachetta plus good canvas equals good find? Well… may be… in case you’re getting the bag for free or for a price that’s as good as free. Why? Well, simply because the cost of replacing all vachetta is fixed and totals 2/3 of the retail price for that particular piece. Replacing the piping requires the whole bag to be taken apart and is, therefore, quite pricy as well. Even a pair of handles can cost well above $200 and the same can be said for leather lining and reglazing of peeling vernis. Now, I’m not saying there is no way to save even if you’re planning to have the bag repaired, simply that you need to do the math first and see how acceptable the grand total is for you. And judging by the number of people for whom buying pre loved designer bags equals bad experience, all thanks to poor judgment, I’d say this is one tip for buying Louis Vuitton you don’t want to dismiss so easily.


Consider the Limitations

Okay, so we’ve learned that busted canvas can’t be repaired! But are there some other irreparable damages you need to consider when buying pre loved designer bag… or this particular designer bag, to be more precise? Well…yes! And if you thought the whole thing about the cracked canvas being a deal-breaker sucks, you’ll probably develop a serious case of wide-eye- itis when I tell you that even canvas deemed too stiff to work with means your bag is doomed. Well… potentially doomed, as you may choose to condition it at home for some time before giving repairs another go.


Get It Authenticated

Unless you’re buying from trusted, well-known sellers and websites, authenticating a bag prior to purchasing it is a huge must! Buying pre loved designer bag online definitely has its risks and this is the only way to deal with it. You can get your items authenticated for free, learn how to pull off a perfect DIY cleaning to make your pre-loved beauties look brand spanking new and even pick up a few cool tips on where and how to buy a discontinued Louis Vuitton bag, all by visiting the all-famous TPF (The Purse Forum). You can also choose to sacrifice a few extra bucks and get the item checked by one of many authentication service providers such as My Poupette or Carol Diva.

Well, now you know how to buy a discontinued Louis Vuitton, choose the best pre-loved LV, avoid really serious problems and spot a good deal! Who could have guessed buying pre loved designer bags can get so tricky, huh? Have you taken the leap yet and managed to score a beautiful new-to-you or new-old-stock bag for a fraction of its retail price? Is this kind of shopping something you’d do again and suggest to others? Do tell!

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