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Buying Vintage Designer Bags instead of new styles means that you’ll get something rare, chic and durable for a price that’s usually significantly lower than the one you’ll have to pay for a new style. Vintage designer bags are, furthermore, said to be of better quality than the ones sold now, mostly due to the fact that 20 or 30 years ago, the brand in question produced less bags but paid more attention to details and craftsmanship. I, personally, love them for their amazing, sometimes even whimsical styles and unique patterns, stamps and hardware that can be found in new styles. And this is a short list of all wonderful vintage designer bags I’d like to own:

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Chanel Tassel Bag

Check Out At: fashionphile.com
Chanel camera styles are one of my favorite vintage designer bags ever! Chevron texture or well known Chanel quilting – it doesn’t really matter as long as it has this gorgeous, heavy chain! The bag itself is something between an evening bag and a day bag which makes it ideal to wear in almost any occasion! Now, I don’t know about you, but I actually prefer vintage Chanels and the ones who own both vintage and new styles agree that vintage hardware feels sturdier, heavier and more luxurious.


YSL Vintage Envelope Clutch

Check Out At: asos.com
If you’re not one of the lucky ones who got to “steal” their YSL from mom’s closet, you can still buy a vintage bag and pass it on to your daughter one day. I’d love to snag a YSL envelope clutch such as this one at some point and I’m 100% sure it would be money well spend. Envelope clutches are always popular, always classy, always in demand and if you get a neutral color such as this wonderful chocolate brown, black or beige, you’ll definitely get to enjoy it a lot.


Vintage Chanel Lizard Evening Bag

Check Out At: malleries.com
If you want an absolutely stunning evening bag and you’re not willing to get yet another clutch, definitely give this fab exotic skin purse a thought. I’ve seen it in black and dark, emerald green and I simply can’t decide which one is more gorgeous! Golden hardware and my beloved Matelasse chain really give it a luxuriously extraordinary finishing touch you’d expect to get from your vintage designer bags. A piece of art, that’s all I can say!


Vintage Hermes Constance Bag

Check Out At: malleries.com
This rare, luxurious burgundy beauty is a real collector’s item but, since it’s made of a special type of croc skin, it’s a luxury very few people can afford. A statement piece indeed and, with its eye-catching gold tone logo buckle, it certainly is a piece that draws attention! What do you think?


Hermes McPherson Bag

Check Out At: malleries.com
An absolutely stunning piece of luxury! Don’t you just love these creative, totally unique vintage designer bags? Lower compartment is ideal to be used as jewelry box while the rest of the bag is…well… a bag! LOL! I absolutely adore the navy blue/red color combo and think it’s the most stylish piece of hand luggage any frequent traveler/fashionista could ever want.


Louis Vuitton Epi Satchel

Check Out At: vintageheirloom.com
This gorgeous, classic satchel is, in my humble opinion, perfectly constructed and perfectly sized to be worn as a day bag! So, if you end up snagging this fab piece, definitely give it a run for that money! After all, we all know Vuittons are popular for their ability to withstand years and years of continuous wear! Toss it over your shoulder if you’re planning to doll-up or wear it cross body in times when you want to appear casually chic and have both of your hands completely free. A valuable investment, indeed and I’m not just saying that because I prefer vintage designer bags!


Vintage Celine Doctor Bag

Check Out At: vintageheirloom.com
If you really want something that looks vintage but you don’t need another Vuitton (modern or vintage), take a look at this lovely, spacious vintage Celine bag! It’s big enough to be your work bag, can be worn in hand or on the shoulder plus it features two separate compartments (one on each side) which enable you to separate your personal and work-related items and access them quickly and easily.

Are these vintage designer bags absolutely stunning? Do you love vintage designer bags, too and, if you do, which one would you like to add to your colletion?

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