8 Trendy Animal Print Bags for Fall ...


8 Trendy Animal Print Bags for Fall ...
8 Trendy Animal Print Bags for Fall ...

Sometimes all you need is a stunning animal print bag to bring together your entire outfit. In fact, animal print bags have evolved quite a lot, especially in recent seasons. It's no longer just about leopard print, there are some pretty swanky styles, textures, and colors available – along with the classic looks, of course. If you're looking to incorporate some new prints into your wardrobe, check out these trendy purses and choose your inner animal!

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Denim Animal Print Bag

Denim Animal Print Bag If you're sort of iffy on the whole animal print trend, that's okay! There are lots of bags that utilize different fabrics, colors, and textures, lots of animal print handbags that only use the look as an accent. This is a great example, and you'll see lots of these purses this season, from various designers. Denim, suede, or corduroy are all interesting choices, especially when placed next to any kind of animal print. The bonus here is that you get a pop of color along with the neutral shades of the python print. For the record, this example comes courtesy of Miu Miu!


Leopard Print Tote

Leopard Print Tote If you really want to be trendy, an animal print bag with a bowler shape is unquestionably the way to go. This is a fantastic example from J.Crew, but since the style itself is increasingly popular, there are tons more from which to choose. As you can see, this one features leopard print, but try looking for something that uses a stark zebra print, with black leather or neon colored accents and hardware. Those make great choices for more casual outings!


Zebra Tote Bag

Zebra Tote Bag Speaking of zebra print, it also looks fantastic with gold! Gucci really works the whole Marrakech trend, but again, it's easy to find less expensive alternatives. Wherever you look, I strongly recommend going with a tote bag, since they're roomy as well as aesthetically pleasing. You'll look fab but you'll still have plenty of room to carry around all your things. Totes are especially great on work days, when you need to have a little bit of everything handy.


Lizard Print Leather and Suede Bag

Lizard Print Leather and Suede Bag I love an animal print bag that showcases an unexpected print. The print on this purse is incredibly subtle, and you really don't see a lot of lizard print these days. Like many bags these days, it relies on different textures. This example from Lanvin focuses on a mix of textured leather and suede, which gives the piece a lot of dimension. The details help as well – remember that bows, chains, and similar hardware are extremely popular right now!


Lytton Print Clutch

Lytton Print Clutch If you love animal print handbags but don't want anything too ostentatious, then clutches are spectacular alternatives. They're ideal for nights out on the town, when you need something really lovely and eye-catching to complement your formal attire. Something like this Diane von Furstenberg clutch complements a wide array of colors, from blacks to browns to neutrals to brighter choices, so it's a great piece for versatility.


Black Leopard Shoulder Bag

Black Leopard Shoulder Bag If you feel like leopard is overplayed, just look for something inventive and innovative. Pierre Hardy's take on leopard print is wonderfully dark. It relies on shades of black, grey, and charcoal instead of browns, tans, and creams. A bag like this is edgy and stylish, ideal for daily use or formal occasions. And since it is so black, it too works well with a wide array of more vibrant hues!


Python Print Shoulder Bag

Python Print Shoulder Bag You really can't beat snakeskin, but if you choose that style of animal print bag, make sure you go with something minimalistic. This example from The Row highlights the print itself by keeping everything else simple. The shape is boxy, there isn't a huge amount of hardware, and the strap is simple. Overall, this bag is wonderfully chic, so it's the perfect choice for the office, casual errands, or something a little dressier.


Miniature Fringed Animal Print Bag

Miniature Fringed Animal Print Bag How about a more attention-grabbing animal print handbag? You don't always have to keep it simple. Lots of purses, such as this one from Jimmy Choo, rely on lots of embellishments. Here you've got fringed chains, studs, and all kinds of other hardware. It's so busy that it actually works – but be careful where you carry it. Choose an outfit that allows the bag to stand out; you don't want every piece of your ensemble fighting for attention.

An animal print bag works for day or evening, depending on the silhouette, color palette, and your outfit. It's easy to put together a gorgeous, trendy look when you base it around your favorite animal print, you just have to experiment a little. Do your favorite trendy purses feature animal prints, or do you prefer something else?

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