8 Fun and Fashionable Novelty Handbags ...


8 Fun and Fashionable Novelty Handbags ...
8 Fun and Fashionable Novelty Handbags ...

Novelty bags are a fun way of livening up an outfit. Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and a novelty handbag can be a great reminder of this. From lip motifs to animal silhouettes, there are a range of novelty bags to choose from right now. With plenty of more affordable options available you don’t have to fork out the big bucks for a designer number either. Intrigued? Get inspired by the following stylish novelty bags.

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Lips Bag

Lips Bag When it comes to novelty handbags, lip motifs are quite popular at the moment. Lulu Guinness and Charlotte Olympia designed some great lip-shaped bags, like the Charlotte Olympia one pictured here, but they’ll set you back a couple of hundred dollars. Luckily though, Lulu Guinness also designed a basic tote that folds away into a lip-shaped pouch for well under $100.


Watch Bag

Watch Bag While it may not function as a watch, this watch-shaped novelty bag is simply adorable! It has a sequined face with a chain link strap and would make a chic addition to your evening outfits. You can get your hands on this Betsey Johnson number for $78 at Modcloth.


Domino Clutch

Domino Clutch This Channel Lady Luck with a domino shaped clutch is super chic. The boxy shape is simple enough but the domino inspired detailing gives it that extra quirky factor. The Charlotte Olympia clutch pictured here costs just over $1000, but you can pick up less expensive versions by Lulu Guinness.


Owl Shoulder Bag

Owl Shoulder Bag Animal motifs are everywhere right now and a cute animal shaped bag is a kooky way of working this trend into your outfit. Check out Modcloth for some cute designs like this owl shaped bag that costs $40.


Sequin Panda Bag

Sequin Panda Bag Embellished handbags are quite popular right now, and this cute novelty handbag features plenty of sequin embellishments. It also comes in the shape of a quirky panda head. This cute bag costs $30 and is available from the online shopping mecca that is ASOS.


Heart Bag

Heart Bag Fashion has an enduring love affair with heart motifs and right now it’s all about the heart shaped bag. Whether you fork out the big bucks on a Diane von Furstenburg number or as little as $22 for this Forever 21 version, heart shaped bags are something that can be embraced by all budgets.


Comic Bag

Comic Bag Pop art and comic-book inspired prints are really having a fashion moment right now. You can’t get more novel than a comic print this season. 3.1 Philip Lim has mastered the comic/pop art trend with a range of stylish clothing and accessories. This chic mini bag is just one stylish example of such a novelty bag.


Illustrated Bag

Illustrated Bag Need to look again? No, you’re not seeing things – while it may look like a drawing this novelty bag by JumpFromPaper is in fact a real life, 3D bag. It definitely takes the cake as far as novelty bags go!

Novelty bags are a fun way to work a statement-making accessory into your outfit. You can spend a little or a lot, with plenty of different options available when it comes to choosing a quirky novelty bag. Which of these novelty bags do you like best?

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