7 to-Die-for Bags from Kate Spade ...

Purely by chance, I recently fell in love with several Kate Spade bags. The Kate Spade New York line is filled with the best details of every style preference: feminine palettes, bright hues, innovative designs, and timeless shapes. Whether you're looking for a big carryall or a statement bag, you'll easily be able to find something in a color you love. Take a look at my top favorite Kate Spade bags and see if you'd save up for this much style!

1. Pretty in Pink

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This is the Kate Spade New York Catherine Street Pippa bag and it is, far and away, one of my favorite Kate Spade bags ever. This bag is literally the only thing I want for my birthday in August (hint, hint, Heather). To me it's a little bit Chanel inspired, owing to that precious pink and the black detailing. It's roomy but not too bulky, plus you can choose between handles or a convenient shoulder strap. Zappos and Nordstrom both have it in different colors, but Zappos offers it for less than $300.

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