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11 Essential Items to Keep in Your Purse at All Times ...

By Katherine

You carry many items in your purse with you on a daily basis, but what are the essential items to keep in your purse? All ladies probably have a different idea of what is essential to keep but everyone can agree on these important essential items to keep in your purse.

1 Tampons/Pads

As a woman, I like to be prepared. To expect the unexpected! It seems though, not matter how much I prepare ahead of time for Mother Nature’s arrival, she always surprises me. You know its coming. It happens every month so prepare yourself and pack some in your purse. Tampons are the most essential items to keep in your purse!

2 Tissues

These come in handy all the time. Crying children, liquid spills, nose bleeds, allergies, and oily skin all require you to have tissues at the ready. If you don’t want to waste money on buying tissues, you can always use the napkins you get when you go on your Starbucks run, or steal a few extra paper towels from the bathroom. Just make sure you have something for those unexpected spills!

3 An Umbrella

Is it just me or does the weather man always seem to get the weather wrong? You never know if it will be sunny, rainy, or snowing! Don’t rely on the weather man to finally get the weather right. Just keep a compact umbrella in your purse. That way the rain will never put a damper on that clean business suit on your way to work!

4 Pen & Paper

I know this seems silly. Why keep a pen and paper in your purse when you have a perfectly good tiny computer, AKA smart phone, sitting right in your hand? Well, what if you're talking to an operator who is rambling off the important information you need while your talking on your phone? What if you meet a business contact and you don’t have a business card? Need to make a grocery list but tell yourself, "Hey, I can remember that." Until you get home and realize your completely forgot to get everything on your list. Write it down, ladies!

5 A Spare Key

How many times have you stepped out of your house and shut the door, only to realize you just locked yourself out? I know I have done it! It just seems like there is so much going on in your mind that you forget the most important thing... your keys. To have a spare key in your purse, will not only save you the headache of being locked out but also money for a locksmith to come save you! Do your future self a favor and keep a spare key in your purse; you’ll thank yourself later!

6 Book or Magazine

If your anything like me, then you have a huge list of books that you would like to read. You’d like to kick off your shoes, have a hot cup of tea and just read for a few hours... but life sometimes won’t allow you that luxury. So why not carry one around you to read when you have a few extra minutes. Waiting at the subway station, the bus stop, or just sitting at the doctor’s office can allow you the time to catch up on some reading.

7 Makeup

You never know when your girls are going to ask to meet up for drinks. Or the new guy you just met wants to meet up for dinner after work. Of course, you want to look great for either, but what if your makeup has worn off for the day? You don’t want to make an excuse of why you have to run back home to freshen up. Next time, when you go to buy makeup, get two of what is important or just pack it up with you in the morning. That way, you will be prepared for an adventure that night!

8 Chewing Gum/Mint

You just got down eating lunch with one of your girlfriends and your headed back to work to spend the next 4 hours staring at Mr. Hottie in the office. The last thing you want to happen is Mr. Hottie to come over and ask you how your lunch was with bad breath! The NIGHTMARE! It is okay, don’t freak out. I get it, you get it. Everyone has bad breath sometimes. Keep some mints or chewing gum to help get rid of it so when Mr. Hottie walks over, you can know that your breath is fresh!

9 Cash

This is the one thing that nobody ever seems to carry anymore. Technology has given you the advantage of just carrying around a plastic card but not every business accepts those plastic creations. Taxis are one of the biggest businesses that won’t take credit or debit cards. They only take cash and most of the time, they won’t tell you that until after you have arrived at your destination. So do yourself a favor and keep at least $20 with you.

10 Painkillers

Over the counter, meaning Tylenol and Advil! You are not always able to just pack up and go home when you are starting to not feel well. What if you just sat down at a restaurant for a date, or at a movie? What if your out with a friend who claims to have a headache or a pain in their knee or something, you can be the savior by giving them a Tylenol or Advil. They come in handy and you never know when you or a friend will need them!

11 Ponytail Holder/Bobby Pins

I live in the South, so my hair can go from straight to curly in 2.5 seconds flat with a little bit of rain and humidity! So instead of look like a wild, untamed beast who hasn’t washed my hair in two weeks. I pull out a ponytail holder and pull my hair up. Pin the little flyways and I look like a new woman even with beastly hair! You don't have to live in the South to store ponytail holders and bobby pins, just a woman with temperamental hair.

If your purse is going to go everywhere with you, then it should contain everything you could ever need in a given moment. Just make sure you buy a purse big enough to fit everything into it! What are some other essential items to keep in your purse?

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