9 Affordable Quilted Handbags You Could Easily Mistake for Chanel ...

By Sophia

9 Affordable Quilted Handbags You Could Easily Mistake for Chanel ...

Affordable quilted handbags are in plentiful supply these days. A quilted handbag is a great way of adding a classic, polished touch to your outfit. They’re reminiscent of the famous Chanel handbags but will only set you back a fraction of the cost. These bags aren’t exact replicas of classic Chanel bags but their quilted designs definitely look the part. Take a look that these affordable quilted handbags that will add a timeless touch to your outfits.

1 Quilted Lock Crossbody Bag

Quilted Lock Crossbody Bag Start your collection of affordable quilted handbags with a classic style. This crossbody bag comes in a classic quilted design with a front flap closure, gold tone turn lock, and chain link strap. It’s from ASOS and will set you back around $30. This design is quite popular, probably because it’s so similar to the classic Chanel 2.55, and you can find similar bags in a range of affordable fashion stores.

2 Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

Quilted Faux Leather Crossbody Bag This quilted handbag has a structured, vintage inspired design. It has a boxy body with a front flap, classic turn lock closure, top handle, and chain link strap. It would look great teamed with a timeless outfit of a white top, jeans, and ballet flats. This bag won’t break the bank either, coming in at a cool $25 from Forever 21.

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3 Quilted Striped Crossbody Bag

Quilted Striped Crossbody Bag This handbag features sleek vertical quilting, instead of the classic diamond quilting we’re so used to seeing. It has a classic rectangular design with combination chain and leather shoulder strap. It also has a daring edge, with bright red side panels and lining. This quilted handbag costs $35 from Dorothy Perkins and would look all sorts of stylish teamed with a ladylike dress and heels.

4 Quilted Double Strap Shoulder Bag

Quilted Double Strap Shoulder Bag If you prefer shoulder bags then check out this quilted number from Forever 21. It has a rectangular body and comes with twin shoulder straps. It costs $28 and would make for a great everyday handbag.

5 Quilted Tote Bag

Quilted Tote Bag Tote bags are great for those wanting a roomier handbag. This quilted handbag comes in a crisp white colour and features a colour-pop floral scarf detail. The classic tote style makes it a versatile option and you can grab it on sale from Aldo for $30.

6 Quilted Backpack

Quilted Backpack Backpacks are a functional choice, and if you choose one in a quilted design they can also be quite fashionable. Wear them during the day with a slouchy t-shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers for a cool street-smart look. This quilted backpack is a bit more of a splurge at $58 from Nasty Gal. You can also check out Urban Outfitters and ASOS for more options.

7 Quilted Metal Trim Bag

Quilted Metal Trim Bag This quilted bag has an understated design but comes in an eye-catching fire engine red colour. Work a nautical inspired look and team this bag with a striped dress and dressy sandals. This particular bag is from Forever 21 and will set you back around $25 but you can also check out ASOS for similar styles.

8 Rabbit Ear Quilted Bag

Rabbit Ear Quilted Bag This bag has quite a quirky design. It has a round body and a leather-look quilted finish. The focal point of the bag has to be the cute bunny ears sticking out from the top. This bag would make a fun addition to your daytime and night time looks. It’s from ASOS and costs around $30.

9 Studded Quilted Bag

Studded Quilted Bag This quilted bag from Mango features subtle stud details on the front. The bag comes with a detachable strap so you can wear it on the shoulder or use it as a clutch. Team it with a chic shorts suit for a polished summer outfit.

These are just a few examples of affordable quilted handbags. They don’t cost a fortune but will still add a fashionable touch to your outfits. Which of these quilted handbags do you like best?

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I love the article! Thanks! Please make more articles like these where you can get expensive looking things for no money! I love it!

I got a Carbotti bag, it's Real lather hand made Italien from Web shop called luxmode. It's the exact look as ( not replica) Chanel and every body ask if it's chanel bargin for only 200 somthing $.

The Chanel 2.55 will never be out of fashion.

I have the first bag in black and peach! They look so cute and transition from day to night really well. They're also roomier than they look! :)

I like chanel boy 10\" :) what do you think ?

I have that forever 21 bag I got that bag because It looks like a Chanel lol



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