The 13 Best Envelope Clutches ...

By Holly

The 13 Best Envelope Clutches ...

You should have the best envelope clutches for every occasion. Whether you’re going to a party or your grandmother’s house, you need a way to carry your possessions. Why not do it in some style? Don’t be afraid to spoil yourself with the best envelope clutches.

1 BCBG Harlow Textured Envelope Clutch

This is one of the best envelope clutches that will fit all of your little necessities. Whether you go clubbing or to a dinner party, you’ll want to bring this along. It will sparkle as brightly as your personality. You’ll never leave the house without it! It can and will go anywhere with you.

Price: $78 at

2 Coach Madison Clutch

Coach never disappoints. While carrying this around, you’re going to feel like a star. It comes with a disconnecting chain, so you can carry it on your arm or in your hands. On different days, wear it different ways. It all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Price: $238 at

3 J.Crew Invitation Clutch

If you’re looking for something plain that’ll go with any outfit, this is the clutch for you. The solid color will match anything you decide to wear. You’ll never feel the need to switch it out for a bag that matches your outfit better. Plus, you can use this for any occasion. It works for a quick trip to the grocery store, but can also be cute with a party dress.

Price: $138 at

4 Diane Von Furstenberg Lizard Clutch

This will catch everyone’s eye. With the combination of its bright color and its fresh style, how could you ever want to carry anything else? It is made out of cow leather, and comes in more colors than just emerald. If you’re a fan of black or red, there’s a version for you. There’s even a pocket for you to keep your private items inside of.

Price: $195 at

5 Fendi Pequin Clutch

Your clutch doesn’t have to be a solid color. If you prefer designs, you’ll like something with stripes or bright colors. This bag has both of those aspects in one! The top is a cherry red, while the bottom has dark, vertical stripes. There are even three inner compartments and one outside zip pocket.

Price: $715 at

6 Givenchy Antigona Envelope Clutch

What’s your favorite color? Chances are this bag comes in it. Even if it doesn’t, you’re sure to find at least one style that you adore. Not only is this clutch pleasing to the eye, but it is large enough to fit anything you need to carry. It’s a win-win.

Price: $1280 at

7 JJ Winters Blake Lively Croco Envelope Clutch

This clutch will either bring out your eyes, or at least catch your eye. It has a unique design that draws attention. It’s made completely of leather, and has a regal look to it. Even if you don’t feel sophisticated, you can carry this around. It’ll give you an air of elegance.

Price: $150 at

8 Tory Burch Large Envelope Clutch

You’ll feel like a princess with this golden clutch. You can attach a chain for the days when you want to have a shoulder bag. For the days you want to wear your clutch in the way it was intended, simply take the chain off. It’s like having two different bags for the price of one. What could beat that?

Price: $350 at

9 Jil Sander Large Envelope Clutch

This large clutch can fit anything you need. The bag is durable with a single zipper on the top, so you’ll never lose your items. If you want to stand out, a yellow clutch is the way to do so. Even when you’re wearing all black, the yellow will set you apart from the crowd. Why not take a risk and get this bold color?

Price: $370 at

10 Clare Vivier Grande Pochette Clutch

Are you still searching for your perfect clutch? Maybe this one is right for you. This oversized bag matches casual and fancy attire. Whatever your style is, this will work for you. Don’t believe me? Try it and find out for yourself.

Price: $186 at

11 Givenchy Black and Beige Rose Print Antigona Clutch

It’s refreshing to carry a bag that you actually like. If you’re tired of boring, bland clutches, buy one with an elaborate design. This cute bag has flowers adorning the front. The inside is pure black, with three interior compartments. It’ll make you look as sweet as can be.

Price: $1715 at

12 Elrophis Cutout Envelope Clutch

This bag is a mixture of black and gold. The front has designs cut out of it, so it looks extra adorable. It comes with an attachable chain to switch up its look whenever you feel the need. If you want a simple, affordable clutch, this one is your best bet. So what are you waiting for?

Price: $40 at

13 Valentina Floral Embroidered Envelope Clutch Bag

This clutch may be expensive, but it’s also gorgeous. It has a golden chain and a decorative exterior. The corners are reinforced with metal, assuring its sturdiness. There is only one inside pocket, but the inside is roomy enough for all of your items. If you’re rolling in the dough, this is a must have.

Price: $3,495 at

If your pockets don’t have enough room for all of your items, invest in a clutch. It’s easy to carry around, and can enhance any outfit. Which one of these clutches is your favorite?

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