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7 Important Factors to Consider before Buying a New Purse ...

By Alicia

Buying a new purse is a big decision for most women. Even if we switch purses a lot, we typically carry the same bag for days or weeks at a time. I know that I do. That is why buying a new purse is important and the decision made after some careful thought. These are the things that matter to me when I am considering a new purse that you may wish to consider, too.

1 The Size

First off, I have to know if the purse I am considering is big enough. It has to be big enough to contain all of my junk. It seems the older I get, the bigger my purses get. So, one of the very first things I do when I am considering buying a new purse is check out the measurements. If it meets my needs in this area, I move on down this list to consider other factors.

2 The Compartments

I do not like a purse that has no organizational layout. I have learned just how much I dislike disorganization in a purse after my last one. I want a purse that has, at the very least, pockets on the interior sides. It is even better if it has some compartment divisions in it. This helps me so much and prevents me from digging for ten minutes to find my keys or my phone.

3 The Material

The material is something that I closely consider when I am purchasing a purse. I have carried all kinds of purses with all different types of material, as I am a dedicated purse lover and tend to switch them out every few months at the least. But material is a factor. If it is cloth, I know that the chances of it getting dirty are high and I have to decide if I am okay with that and what fabric would best hide any dirt. I love leather but it tends to stain with ink marks easily. All of these little things are factors that need to be thought about.

4 The Color

I always consider the color when I am purchasing a new purse. Sometimes I am in the mood for a statement purse in a color like deep purple or hot pink, and other times I want something neutral. For a long time, I was hung on grays and pewter, but I seem to be moving into beiges and browns. The truth is that neutrals go with everything but a statement purse may clash with your clothing. Sometimes that is okay and sometimes it isn’t. That is a personal decision.

5 If You Love It

Another thing to consider when you are purchasing a purse is if you love it or not. For me, I do not want to purchase a purse that I feel so-so about. I have to love it, passionately. After all, I will more than likely carry it every day for weeks, at least, and most likely a couple of months or even longer. For this reason, it takes me a long time to decide on a purse and a lot of research goes into it and all of the other factors listed. I also know that when I do find a purse I love and that meets all of these standards that I should snatch it up.

6 The Style

I also consider the style of the purse. I tend to carry hobo style purses more than any other. I know that once I purchased a clutch and I got so very tired of having to handle it constantly. This is something that you want to think about before you buy the purse. Buyers regret on a purse is not fun because generally by the time that you decide you don’t like it, then it is too late to return it.

7 The Price

Price is a factor when I am considering a purse. I personally feel like the more I pay for it, the longer I need to carry it. So a question I ask myself is “Am I willing to carry long enough to get my money’s worth?” This helps me know just how much I do like the purse. Everyone will have different standards on this, but this is how I decide if the purse is worth the price.

This is my little list of questions that a purse must answer before it gets to go home with me. Do you have a similar list? What do you consider before buying a new purse?

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