7 Cute Diaper Bags That Make Parenting Fashionable ...

By Laura

7 Cute Diaper Bags That Make Parenting Fashionable ...

Cute diaper bags have many advantages. Not only do they make parenting feel more chic, they are also super functional! I’ve always found that cute diaper bags are full of extra pockets, as the designers put extra effort into making them fashionable. Here are seven of my favorites:

1 The Nanny Diaper Bag by Jamah

The Nanny Diaper Bag by Jamah This is one of those cute diaper bags that is so stylish, you can barely tell it is meant to hold diapers and breast shells! In fact, it is the same one Jessica Alba uses for her daughter Honor. Even better, Brad Pitt is a celeb dad who likes to lug his around. This bag is a little indulgent. However, if you really want to spoil yourself, it might just be worth the splurge!

2 LeSportsac Jessi Baby Bag

LeSportsac Jessi Baby Bag The exterior is wipeable and the pockets are deep. What else would you need from a diaper bag? One of the biggest advantages of a black bag is that black goes with almost everything. Like a lot of great fashionable diaper bags, you can’t tell it is a diaper bag at all. This means no switching from diaper holder to work bag…quite a handy time saver.

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3 Juicy Couture Stroller Bag

Juicy Couture Stroller Bag Sure, it is a little on the garish side, but, if you are feeling extra girly, I don’t see why that has to be a problem. Stroller bags are great for those who are minimalists at heart. It just hangs off the back of your stroller for you to tuck the bare essentials into. To be honest, this one works better when you are not at the stage where you have to drag the world around in your purse to meet your baby’s needs.

4 Timmy & Leslie Diaper Bags

Timmy & Leslie Diaper Bags This bag doesn’t just look beautiful, it comes with a little purse for keeping extras in. Having somewhere to store less hygienic bits is an essential!. Thanks to the faux leather stroller straps, you can use this as a stroller bag too. Word of warning, don’t make too much of all the room available and leave the stroller without a firm hand on it. Tumbling strollers can give you a small heart attack as you are catching them.

5 Vera Bradley Convertible Baby Bag

Vera Bradley Convertible Baby Bag Who says diaper bags have to be plain? I’ve got to be honest, I’d MUCH rather stand out with this. It’s a little psychedelic, but you’re not going to waste time looking for it in the morning; it sticks out like a sore thumb. There is also a matching insulated bottle bag, so no more worrying about whether pumped milk or formula will lose heat while you’re out!

6 Petunia Pickle Bottom ‘Cake Society’ Satchel

Petunia Pickle Bottom ‘Cake Society’ Satchel I only needed to look at this once to think of Marie Antoinette. I doubt France’s most tragic queen had a diaper bag. She did, however, rule that powder blue. The bag itself is Italian, and yes it features velvet. That would be the only design flaw putting me off: velvet. I just can’t stand the feel of it. Otherwise, it is beautiful to stare at!

7 Kalencom Ozz Dainty Diaper Bag

Kalencom Ozz Dainty Diaper Bag If you love brocade patterns, treat this bag well to make it last! As well as being pretty, it is very practical. It features two elasticated bottle straps, which are great for holding beverages. You can remove and adjust the shoulder straps, making it handy for slinging on the back of your stroller. There are also three interior and two exterior pockets, so keeping everything separate and hygienic is easy!

Diaper bags have come a long way, even in the last few years! I had a hard time finding a cute one when I had a baby in 2007. Fast forward seven years, and you pregnant ladies/parents to babies are spoiled for choice! If you are a proud cute diaper bag owner, which one helps get you through the day?

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#3 hi I was wondering if this is still available??

I should get that for my friends mom!! Yup :D Just need money tho!!! Lol

Well where can I get it tho?

I have the kalencom ozz in white & I love it!! So stylish and efficient! The print has worn off over time, but it's still such a fashionable diaper bag



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