7 Cute Diaper Bags That Make Parenting Fashionable ...

Cute diaper bags have many advantages. Not only do they make parenting feel more chic, they are also super functional! I’ve always found that cute diaper bags are full of extra pockets, as the designers put extra effort into making them fashionable. Here are seven of my favorites:

1. The Nanny Diaper Bag by Jamah

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This is one of those cute diaper bags that is so stylish, you can barely tell it is meant to hold diapers and breast shells! In fact, it is the same one Jessica Alba uses for her daughter Honor. Even better, Brad Pitt is a celeb dad who likes to lug his around. This bag is a little indulgent. However, if you really want to spoil yourself, it might just be worth the splurge!

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