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My reasons to love backpacks can be summarized in one adjective: multi-functional. There is so much you can put and carry in a backpack. I have always been the backpack kind of girl because I feel that I am going on an adventure every time I wear my backpack. I do like shoulder bags but if I have to choose between the two, backpacks will run away with the win. Here are the specific reasons to love backpacks over shoulder bags:

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Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy Backpacking, light travel, spontaneous trip? The backpack is your ultimate adventure buddy. You can carry it everywhere you want to go. Most backpacks are heavy duty ones so you don’t need to be extra careful with them. One of the reasons to love backpacks is that it allows you to pack just every essential you need for that trip you are sure to enjoy! Make sure though that your backpack does not turn into a garbage bag. How to do that? You can categorize your stuff according to use and put them in smaller, color-coded bags (e.g. blue for cosmetics, red for school supplies, or yellow for books) so it is easier for you to pick up the smaller bag whenever you need whichever thing.


Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest My friends call me "Dora, The Explorer" because my backpack has everything they need. A pair of scissors, a good book to read, pencils and sharpener...anything you need, ask for it, my backpack has it. The thing with backpacks is that you can just put anything you want and need inside it. It's my mobile treasure chest.


Shopping Partner

Shopping Partner I do have a lot of shopping bags but honestly, it is really inconvenient to carry every single bag on both shoulders then holding the others with my hands. The backpack makes shopping easier because I can just put some of the items inside it and I'm good to go!


School Mate

School Mate Even in college and later in graduate school, I still used backpacks. It's just cool to be walking around campus with it especially when I am wearing sneakers. There is a youthful vibe in having a backpack and is surely fun to be seen having it.


Baby Bag

Baby Bag My biggest confession in the baby department: I never bought a real baby bag. Why? Because I was not able to find one that really suits my needs to bring at least six bottles, load of milk and diapers, extra clothes for my twins when we are out of the house for two to three hours. My backpack has morphed into a baby bag and has been doing a pretty, good job since then.


Book Store

Book Store I am very traditional when it comes to books. E-books, for me, can never replace my beloved hardbounds and trade paperbacks. One of the first reasons I used backpacks can be traced all the way down to my grade school years when we had to carry six to seven textbooks for corresponding subject areas. Since then, my backpacks has been filled with all sorts of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction.


Classic Accessory

Classic Accessory Another confession: sometimes, I just use my orange backpack because it is a great accessory to go with my white shirt and blue jeans. It stands out in a crowd even when it’s nearly empty, looking like it’s pasted on my back.

I invest in slightly pricey backpacks, whose quality has been tried and tested by people, whose opinions I look up to (that means my Mom, my brothers and friends, who knows what great products are made of). How about you? Do you also prefer backpacks over shoulder bags?

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Or get one like mine that morphs into both:)

I think I need to invest in one :)

I prefer it for the simple reason that it's easier on the shoulder since it distributes the weight evenly😊

Same bailey

After reading this article, Im definitely going to get me a fashion backpack.

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